thoughts from my mind to yours



Under this silence of the skies,

let your heart speak,

for it knows not the diplomacy of the mind,

when it asks the stars,

about love.


poetry copyright neha 2019/ free image from pexels


Murmur – #Writephoto

And the starlings scatter
in the orange sky
following the wisps of autumn clouds
as they fly, and bid goodbye,
to summer. 


poetry copyright neha 2019/ image borrowed from Sue Vincent



In response to Sue’s beautiful photo prompt #WritePhoto Murmur


What a reader needs to understand – Napowrimo Day 15

A writer’s mind frequently goes

off the beaten path,

seeking the dark corners,

often, a stark contrast

to the bright colors

that surround them in real life. 


poetry and image copyright neha 2019












Posting a  few days late but I did write something for Napowrimo Day 15!




But I keep forgetting

I try,
But I keep forgetting,
The morning dream
That disappeared
When I opened my eyes.
Leaving me in a daze,
Inside the haze,
Of colors and sounds
That drown, my insides
With something
No word can describe,
My memory, fragmented
In pieces…
from my conscious mind
As I try to remember…
But I keep forgetting.


poetry and image copyright 2019 neha



















Napowrimo Day 5, Happy Friday Everyone!













Dreams on the sky

Paint your dreams on the sky

with gentle strokes of the breeze

that caress your mind…

let your thoughts splatter,

with the wild brush of unrestrained emotions,

Open like the blue vastness above you,

let your heart fold around the curvature of the earth,

spread your love …

Paint your dreams on the sky.


poetry and image copyright neha 2019