thoughts from my mind to yours



Sometimes when the journey seems long

and life demands you to be strong…

You look at the stars,

and think about their light travelling so far

in twinkling waves of light years…

just to illuminate the skies

for our eyes

humbling us

with its’ existence…

and the journey does not seem so long


free image from google search / poetry copyright neha 2015

free image from google search / poetry copyright neha 2015


Echoes of the Hills

My voice is lost in the echoes of the hills,

standing tall behind the grey clouds,

beckoning me to their mystical glory,

of silence.


My thoughts are found in the strength of the hills,

awakening the sleeping corners of my mind,

guiding the lost wanderers of time,

from a distance.


copyright neha poem and image 2015

copyright neha poem and image 2015


Staying Positive – How do you do it?

I stumbled upon an old post…and wanted to ask my readers and friends …what do you do to stay positive? Do share!



Sometimes, being a creature of night and day, my darkness outweighs my sunshine. I hang out in the fog of my mind and mope about all the things that have not gone right. However, being a instinctively optimist person, my mind does not allow me to stay in this state of mind for too long and here are five things that I do to stay positive and get back into the sunrays of my day.

1.) Listen to Music. It usually starts out with sad songs that reflects my mood but slowly I find myself going on to the happy ones on my playlist. The transition of my moods can make a song in itself.

2.) Think about all the things that have gone right. I know when one is in a ‘sad state of mind’ this is hard, but I force myself to do it and at once I…

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