thoughts from my mind to yours


My heart still bleeds

My heart still bleeds the color red
like your ancestors and mine
it still bleeds red…
under the color of my skin
of your skin…
But it still bleeds RED
The color that unifies
which bleeds
with decades of injustice
Prejudice and Silence
For you see the colors don’t speak
but our actions do
and my heart still bleeds the color red
like your ancestors and mine
and it’s time we listen
we unite against injustice
we unite in peace
and rise with love
for LOVE bleeds RED
when left unheard.



free google image from wallpaper/ poetry copyright neha 2020


Quarantined Friday

It seems like ages
but there used to be a time
when you wished
that you could be home
on a Friday…
now that the days have blended together
and time has lost some of its essence
Friday poses to be just another day,
when in fact it is still nothing but…
yes, we are tired of being home
yes, we wonder how it will be to have coffee
outside these four walls
yes, We want to Hug our friends
not smile at them across screens…
but we are safe
and continue to be
while we are here
we are keeping our healthcare and essential workers safe
by maintaining the distance
we are sipping our wine
and reading our books
and binge watching our favorite shows
and being grateful
for being healthy…
and we are partying in our pajamas
dancing and talking,
with our loved ones at home
and connecting where it matters…
in the matters of the heart…
this too shall pass,
and in days to come,
when we are old,
we will look back at this time fondly
and remember quarantined Fridays
with the ones we loved

but until then

Happy and Healthy Friday to all of you!



poetry copyright neha 2019/ free image borrowed from unsplash, credit goes to original artist