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The moon

The horns of the moon,

pierced darkness,

bleeding light,

on its way.

poetry and image copyright neha 2015

poetry and image copyright neha 2015








May you all always find the light in your heart to pierce any darkness that comes in your path…I am grateful to all my blessings including the support of this wonderful blogging community. Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating and much love to everyone! Stay blessed always :)


How do you celebrate or would like to celebrate your birthday?

Hi Everyone,

So my birthday is coming up this Wednesday and I wanted to ask my fellow friends and bloggers as to what you do or would like to do to celebrate your birthday?

As for myself, I like spending time with family, perhaps have some good food and do things that make me happy. I say a quick thanks to be alive and to be surrounded by loved ones:)


poetry copyright neha 2015

poetry copyright neha 2015


Between fact and ficiton

Always a dreamer,

you strayed to the far side

between fact and fiction

where you could see stars

in the middle of the day

twinkling in the sky

just for you, to whistle

the tunes of the heart…

feeling content,

on the simple notion,

of being happy.

image and poem copyright neha 2015

image and poem copyright neha 2015



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