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#Writephoto Response : Content

She sat by the roaring waterfalls…


her lungs inflated with fresh air,

her heart soothed by the rhythmic flow

amidst the serene mists on the luscious green meadows

she sat by the roaring waterfalls,



poetry copyright neha / image borrowed from Sue Vincent


In Response to Thursday Photo Prompt by Sue, a friend and blogger who always inspires! 🙂








Sometimes in the chaos of life, we forget…

Forget about things that matter,

Matter the most to the heart…


Heart that seems to be running

Running to catch up with time

Time that is “infinite”

Infinite yet bound to the mind


Mind that in these moments of reflections, is set free…

Free to remember what matter…who matters…and why…

Why it is so easy to be,

Be without this constant race that we feel,

Feel we need to survive to feel real, but…


But life is about those little things,

Things that make our heart smile

Smile with the people we love

Love that transcends all barriers

Barriers we have created with time

Time that is infinite…

Infinite like love.


poetry and image copyright neha 2017

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Calling all creative minds – 1 More Week to join in the poetic Collaboration “letting go”

Hello Everyone,

The  “Letting Go” Collaboration will end on September 30, 2017. This is Your Chance to be part of this beautiful creation…love what we have so far. To join in please click on this original post and follow the guidelines.


Thank you all and hope you are enjoying your beautiful first fall weekend!