thoughts from my mind to yours



I lay,

listening to the quiet sound

of summer rain…

tapping on the forgotten window

of my heart,

writing poetry on earth.

free google image, poem copyright neha 2018


Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

74 thoughts on “Writing

  1. This is so peaceful. Great ending line too.

  2. And you do write fabulous poetry Neha.

  3. What a beautiful piece of work to wake me up better than morning coffee. With a hint of a challenge calling me to remember windows, and rain. Thank you.

  4. Your poems bring such peace to my racing thoughts 🙂

  5. Itss a beautiful poem apart from humdrum….loved it….

  6. Rain sings to those who care to listen and understand. Beautiful piece!!!

  7. I love your poems Neha! This one captures summer beautifully! I wish you a beautiful weekend.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. There is always so much beauty and truth in all your words, Neha. I like that the quietness of rain allows reflective thoughts to write such a beautiful poem. Love this image: “tapping on the forgotten window/ of my heart”

  10. its reflecting tranqulity..beautiful 🙂

  11. this poem is so deep and sympathised, its beautiful but rough with truth. I love this! My favourite part is, ‘Writing poetry on earth.’ It takes alot to understand. I well definetly follow! check out my blog at:

  12. Very nice poem

  13. I am impressed that you can capture such profoundness in only a few words.

  14. A wonderful creation of beautiful images. so well done. ☺❤

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  16. This feels relatable! Beautiful!

  17. Nice! The photo is very beautiful, so is the poem. 🙂 Keep it up

  18. Lovely! I love short poetry that evokes so much

  19. I very much love it myself, as a young writer you inspire me to do more. This was very simple yet elegant, not many words yet not to short, you spoke what you meant and I really like that.

  20. This is so calming. I love it! 🙂

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  22. This is so beautiful, yet very concise. I love your writing!

  23. Beautiful words. Short but sweet!

  24. Short but powerful! I love it, especially the line: tapping on the forgotten window of my heart.

  25. That evocative image that gives so much depth to an already short and powerful poem. The whole “window” imagery is beautiful.

  26. Awesome✨, I love the sense of peace in this one, it gives a relieving reflective experience.

  27. Lovely little poem. Like the “less is more” approach. Pic helps too

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