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57 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. trees are so lovely
    their arms in the breeze
    touch word and leaves

  2. And we love it! Always !💖

  3. Lovely and very inspiring ❤️

  4. Loved it, esp. “the branches of life.” You expressed so much emotion in little words which hard to do sometimes. Well done. 😊

  5. as always, such loveliness in poetry and visual poetry (@—->—)

  6. I’m excited to read more of your work. This post made me smile ❤☺

  7. Men! That tree blends so well with the lines.

  8. and summer followed
    The leaves turned sour
    Yet she smiled
    (Couldn’t find the right words for the 4 line)

  9. I really liked your phrasing. Enjoyed the read, Thanks.

  10. i loved the use of negative space (the emptiness between the branches) as the space where you compose the poem; i feel like the poem you talk about is different than the poem we read; i like poems about poem; great job!

  11. Wow, that’s a powerful image and idea. Brilliant.

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  13. Lovely, evocative words. I love the metaphor!

  14. Beautiful poem, thanks for sharing.

  15. He also did the same….as that is the way you live the life…give your natural self in a natural way to the nature…Good piece…

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