thoughts from my mind to yours



And once in a while,
I get away…
from words
until I feel the tug
that draws me back
to the page
and I sit
to write,
from the days
that linger
of hegemonic processes
that clash against my mind
so I write…words,
without rhyme or reason
simply to satisfy my inner inhibition,

poetry and image copyright neha 2021



Contemplation of the quiet mind…

as it slowly rewinds

the cascading waves

of thoughts

falling in an infinite abyss

of feelings

that drift in your eyes

floating in the skies

of everlasting dreams

drifting with the winds

of dark storms

looming at the edge of the sea

as you fly free

in the pouring rain

of the subdued pain

of the world

floating gently

with the contemplation…

of the quiet mind.

poetry copyright neha 2020/ image from pexels credit goes to original artist



You go left
and you go right
and you turn around
for a fleeting thought
that passes your mind
and you try to remember
where exactly you are going…
is this new?
or was it something your left behind?
You go left
and you go right
sometimes nonsense rules the mind
and the chaos drives
you to keep going
until you pause and think
why are you moving
does it make sense
why this way and not that
so you go left and you go right
and as you get lost
you somehow find
this piece
that doesn’t rhyme
but holds the truth
you feel inside…


poetry and image copyright neha 2020