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Heart of Daydreamers – Napowrimo Day 13

Dear Heart of Daydreamers,

what do you dream on a Sunday afternoon,

laying under the low hanging moon

already peeking behind the clouds

What do you dream? 


poetry and image copyright neha 2019



Night Falls In My Dreams

Night falls in my dreams,

waking them up from deep slumber…

It rolls them down gently from the mountain top,

like a lullaby,

It spreads them out in the green meadows by the moon light,

It dances with them to the melody of the quiet rain,

It flies with them in the warm breeze to the sky,

Night falls in my dreams…

with love


poetry and image copyright neha 2018


When the heart rains…

In quiet nights

when the heart rains…

with cloud of grief,

we know as pain…

silently falling,

against the mind…

and no space,

is enough to hide…

you know,

cause you have tried…

so you just lie,

under the moon,

and drift with the tune,

of the melancholic heart,

as it rains.


poetry and image copyright neha 2018


Dreaming with Luna – #WritePhoto Response

You drifted with the evening moon,
Singing the tune,
of your heart.
Perched on the branch of silent reflection,
You let your devotion,
scatter in the twilight skies,
Dreaming with Luna.


Image borrowed from Sue Vincent/ Poetry copyright neha 2017

In Response to my talented blogger friend Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Do check out her wonderful blog. #Writephoto