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Falling In Love

The art of falling in love
is much simpler than the art of staying in love
It’s like writers and their words
the epiphany of a new thought
is exhilarating much like falling in love,
But putting it down on paper,
and then carefully crafting the story
takes times, takes patience, at times,
takes tears and frustration, but most of all takes love…
so fall in love,
Nurture it and write your own love story.


poetry copyright neha 2020/ free image from pexels


Words we don’t say

And though days go by
without a single mention of your name
you are there…
in words we don’t say…
at the grocery store
when our feet takes us to the pet isle
as if it has forgotten its way,
just to remember this squeaky dog toy
will no longer be yours;
when we miss
our best greeter
to love us with slobbery kisses and barks…
when we close our eyes
and hold on to the memories a little tighter
for they alone heal
this heavy feeling in our hearts.

You are there, everywhere…
for the love we hold
goes beyond the distance we share…
and you my dear Oreo are loved
in earth or in heaven…
Happy Birthday!

image copyright neha 2020

























This would have been Oreo’s 15th Birthday. We all miss him very much, this is the first birthday he celebrates in heaven and we send him eternal kisses and hugs. We love you!












You did not know

where to begin

as you stood on the edge of your thoughts

trying to find sense

in the nonsensical rhymes

of the rain

pouring outside your window

tapping on the cold pebbles

of your heart

displacing  logic

a tad bit to the left

of what you felt was right…

you did not know.

poetry and image copyright neha 2020


Crescent #WritePhoto

She did not hear them call her name
as she stared at the crescent moon
at twilight
The words that went away, came
storming her mind
and she let her the ink flow
writing the stories that threatened
to overthrow sleep


poetry copyright neha 2020/ image borrowed from sue vincent

















In response to Sue’s beautiful #Writephoto Prompt


Human Condition

In between the branches of the human condition
you fall like fireflies of stardust
of dreams that travel through the world
of sparkling stars
burning through the cosmos
you fall
you fall
into the black hole


night sky

poetry copyright neha 2020/ image from pexels credit goes to original artist


If I love You…

We are more than sunlit afternoons 
And carefully crafted love letters,
More than the poetry and the art we create…
But in this moment of playful banter,
When you ask me if I love you,
I squeeze your hand
my heart still flutters
When you squeeze back.


poetry and image copyright neha 2020
















The above poem is a snippet of an old poem which can also be found here on this blog if you wish to look 🙂