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Calling all Creative minds to a poetic collaboration – “When the sun rises…”

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I have done a collaboration … I love doing these with the poets and creative minds of this community and I hope you will all join me in this project. Please ensure to include your name and/or blog url to be included. Also, any hateful or vulgar comment will be deleted. You can add your addition in the comments and I will add each verse in the order they come in the comments. I will include your name and/or blog url after your contribution. This is great way for new and seasoned bloggers to collaborate together. If you are new to my collaborations you can see an example via this link. This will open until December 21, 2019 at which point I will close the comments. Without much further adieu, I will start us off…














When the sun rises,
let dreams bloom

on forgotten meadows

poetry copyright Neha (


holding on
to the fading light
between stars


Everything sublime happens
When we’re silent and still
Enough to hear it


Horizon red,
Up dark blue sky,
What is a surprise!


This waking
from dormancy
such precious, delicate dreams



When the sun rises

Shimmering shining,

Directions awaken

Rejuvenating senses,

Start a day jazzy brandished

Shining in bouts

Serendipity without knots



Parvenu possibilities proliferate
Potentialities prosper
Prayers proceed positively



misty whispers, dreams calling
rainbow promises
love fuels faith
in the Divine
one more day
the gift of life is given



seeds of today’s promises
kissed by droplets of sunshine
come to fruition in tomorrow’s dreams



Someday we might find
a place in the sun for just you and me –
perhaps behind the clouds dancing through eternity.



When the sun rises
light breaks darkness
into splinters
of receding gloom,
opening pathways
where flowers bloom



The distant sun, a longing warmth
your soft arms wrapped tight.
The sun kissed cheek, the dimpled chin,
my shade in the light!



As a new day arise
Shots of colours
Illuminate the sky
I breath bliss
In a soft kiss



straight out
of a dream
a new day



Illuminating the way, for all those who seek
The meaning of life, in a world so bleak
The hopefuls stare at the sun, as it rises from the deep



forgiveness cheers with the daybreak
new beginnings for all
let the love in



When the sun rises
I will see the world anew
Through your eyes
Through divine eyes
The blessings that I breathe in daily



Fall Blogs Recommendations – Nomination Request

Hello Everyone,

Hope all of you are enjoying the last few days of summer, as we approach fall I would love to do a round of blog recommendations for the season. Nominations are now open and will close at the end of this month October 15, 2019. Please nominate your favorite blogger/bloggers and tell my why they should be on the list in your comment. Please be sure to include the blog url and a link to your own blog to be considered. I look forward to seeing your recommendations and sharing the final list of both the nominators and the nominees in October. Meanwhile, do check out my previous recommendations under the recommendations tag and visit all the lovely bloggers who bring so much talent to this sphere.


Thank you and have a lovely weekend ahead!




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Blogger to Blogger – Join in and share your love this holiday season!

Dec 21, 2018 Update –  Thank you to everyone who participated, stay tuned for the final post highlighting some favorite bloggers! Comments are now closed!



Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all having a wonderful December. As you may know I have not been able to be here much, as I take care of my newborn and I do miss reading all your work! I would like to highlight some of my fav and new bloggers and would love if you all can join in and mention a blogger you would like me to highlight in the comments. Rules are simple – You cannot nominate yourself, use hateful language or promote a business. The category of blog can be anything from poetry, photography, travel, cooking and anything between that makes you feel good about reading the blog. Write one or two lines about why you like the blog you nominate and leave a link of the blog and your blog with your comment. No more than 2 nominations per person. Deadline to comment will be until December 20, 2018. I will go through the list and include the blogs that follow the rules along with the blog (person) who mentions the nominee! 🙂 Hope you can all participate!

Happy Holidays – Share the love! 🙂



poetry and image copyright neha 2018

Reminder: 3 More days left to contribute!

Hello Everyone,

This is just a friendly reminder that my newest collaboration will close on June 30, 2018. Please follow this link for further instructions and post your contributions to the original piece as indicated. Comments will be closed on this post but is open in the original contribution so click on the above link. I am loving all the additions so far and hope more of you can join in!

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Calling all Creative Minds/Poets/Artists to a poetic collaboration – “On The Way”

And here is the complete collaboration…Thank you to everyone who joined ” On The Way”! Your contributions were beautiful additions that added character to this piece…Please click on original to read the entire post! 🙂


image copyright neha 2017

Hello Everyone,

I invite you all to my brand new poetic collaboration, On The Way.  You can write anything that is inspired by the prompt, I am only accepting new poetry at this time. Everyone is welcome to participate and I will add your contribution in the order they come and list the author (and blog link if listed) beneath the post. You may contribute as many times as you wish. Please note that hateful language is not acceptable and I will remove any post I find inappropriate. If you want to see a previous example of my collaborations you can visit here Please add your contributions in the comment section. Please include the actual verse not just the blog link in order to be considered. The collaboration will be open until December 11, 2017 until 11:59 pm E.S.T. Thank you all! So without further…

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We’re Having a Party! ~ A Renga Party!

Please join us for #Poetsforpeace Renga party!

Please click on original post for more instructions and follow #PoetsforPeace Blog for up to date information with this new collaboration!

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Have some fun writing and stay tuned for future announcements on winners! 🙂


Calling All Creative Minds/Poets to a poetic collaboration – “When Dreams Fade Away”

image copyright neha 2016

image copyright neha 2016




























Hello Everyone,

A thought of another collaboration has been on my mind for a while. It is not intended to be as intense as the “PoetsForPeace” Collaboration but more so like my previous collaboration, “Writing Letters by The Moon Light“.  I hope you all let your hearts speak as you join in this effort.  Please add all your poems in the comment section!  I will add all contributions in the order they come in different colors and for this time I will list the contributor directly below the contribution. All are welcome as long as you keep it clean and are not hateful or disrespectful towards anyone else ( which I don’t foresee happening with this topic; however, the decision to add will be at my discretion). I will try to update the collaboration once a week and it will be open until November 30, 2016.  Also, only new poems will be accepted in this collaboration so get inspired by the topic and use the words and picture as your guide. :)I will start it off and I hope you will join me into making this another beautiful piece of collaborative poetry! Thank you all! ❤


When the tears stop talking
and your heart lay still
in that fleeting moment,
when dreams fade away…

poem copyright Neha 2016 (


I cried in the middle of the garden
not one bird would come and sing a song
all that was left was a bare branch
I felt a chill in my bones
I heard my heart shattered
and the world seemed black
when you left me
fade away
our dreams

(c) ladyleemanila 2016 (


Dreams Fade Away

Remembering you and me,
remembering when love was new.
The days we drifted through together,
until your love for me had flown.
It was nothing I had done or said,
it was just that your love was not true.
So sadly I let you go away
and with you –
all the dreams we dared to dream –
simply just faded away.

Copyright R.Raisters
10/22/2016 (



Serenade me with your smile whilst I drown
in unkempt autumn, wondrous and wild. Read to me
from tomes with dusted jackets and aching spines
while sepia images with feathered edges flicker
through my mind as you wrap me in your world.

Cry for me a river but only so I can bathe among
the lilies festooned on its brow; I will soothe the ripples
till you are at peace again, and when you warm
my shivering skin by awakening faded dreams,
will you wrap me in your world?

copyright Anita Lubesh 2016 (


When dreams fade away at dawn
then the truth will shine
and the night become day
so hold that dream
and one day it will be

copyright Maureen Sudlow (


I am adrift
on a dry, featureless sea,
under a starless night sky
floats a generic me.
Surrounded by the endless sands,
The ifs, the buts, the ampersands.
Another foray into this bleak tableau,
this desert of my unconscious,
that I never know.
Would that I had never dreamed,
nor ever have closed my eyes.
Each morning I awake unchanged
uncertain I am sane.
Before I ever dared to dream
of you and I, in days gone by.
Nightmares now they seem.
Suspended from a single thread,
about my neck, about my head.
To hang above the tearstained pillow,
twisting while I lethargically I billow.
Lips, a silent moue, eyelids twitching,
victim of small death’s bewitching.
Sewn, a shroud of my own making,
wishful thinking, no less breathtaking.
Naked here upon the bier.
Each night I am lied to, and the liar,
the shadow, and that which cast me,
on the wall of the cave,
when my dreams fade.

Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved M. Zane McClellan (


As dreams fade away
heart slips back to sleep
surrendering the day to mind
a time to plan, sort and act
but heart is patient and kind
waiting for the still of night
to ride the universe of stars
planting seeds of love

copyright Brad (


A word, a phrase,
And suddenly the moon hides
Behind a cloud.
It says “Come! Fall with Me!”
My tide moves out
I stay on the beach,
Searching the scour for
Something permanent.
“No,” I reply.
“I’m too busy to drown today.”



Gem collector

Night flies down, as if the sun forgot the pace and ran from this sky in such haste as to forget her jewels, left them dotting the indigo fabric. She was pursued by the moon, who sits with his diamond purse, sweeping up and laughing at his temporary good luck.



fading dreams

was a time when dreams
meant potential
meant hope
a promise
of future plans
and a brighter tomorrow

but years grow shorter
potential fades
even hope
and dreams
are more about
what might have been

Copyright Ken Gierke 2016 (


We watch sand ripples,
secret windblown messages,
all lost at high tide.
And when the tide ebbs, seashells,
pebbles gleam, where once we walked.

Copyright Jane Dougherty (


Dream within a Dream, Fading

despite the distance
separating us
within a dream
I hold you close
in a dream

dream and dream fading
like a last wisp of fog
I feel you stir
as I hold you close
that distance behind us

Copyright Ken Gierke 2016 (


Now I Lay Me Down To Dream

The light filters through
As the leaves gently roll to the ground
The time for harvest
The time to prepare for the season of hibernation
The long sleep of winter is beckoning
Drawing near
Now I lay me down to dream
Dream of all that is possible
Dream of all that is good

copyright Lorrie Bowden 2016 (


Clouds collect, then go astray

They have no time to stop and play

I close my eyes and wonder why

Breathing out, an endless sigh

Of darkness, overtaking thought

Leaving me somber, silently fraught

As nighttime, void of color, stays

I lose myself, when dreams fade away

©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved (


Shapes of Memories in the Singing Breeze,
Forgotten moments of Yesterday Sighing
As Time unravels in Harmonious Splendour,
Fragments of Intrepidity are flying
Upon the Silken Majesty
Of Russet Autumn turning the page,
Whispers of Unspoken Dreams
Like leaves, once Verdant, fall as they fade.


When dreams fade away
My mind will quickly pray
My heart will seek my creator
Asking to feel his grace today

For I need his spirit near
To gently erase my fears
To plant within a new joy
With a renewal, i can employ

In me, an emptiness now exists
Which colors my world gray
I now need lord your sweet blessing
To renew my life-light today.

For only you have the power
To heal my heart today
So please hear my faithful prayer
Bringing an inspiring joy to stay.

copyright 2016 Wendell A. Brown (


If they’re not watered

Dreams wither & die if they’re not watered daily
& like blue skies they’ll turn quite unsavoury.

If you don’t have, keep a little glint of sunlight
Back for a rainy day, life becomes a mudslide.

& melancholy a never ending, monsoon
Sodden hearted in a badly, tailored, consume.

Dreams sadly fade & self-doubt grows it denigrates
It destroys our faith & belief. It infiltrates-

Our very core till we all fear frankly to fall.
Fall, get backup we must if we’re to walk, not crawl.

Dreamers rise to the occasion they don’t give in.
Unlike me & others, they carry on & win.

It’s only by force of root that a seedling grows
Creates a stem; sturdy enough to hold the rose.

© 2016 Mark Heathcote


A squirrel’s dream

Do squirrel’s dream, it isn’t observed…
But I bet all those nerves & sinews twitch
As it leaps & bounds to its stash—reserved
With its red tail like some, broom of a witch.

Airborne through the forest, unmatched
A squirrel’s dream, what might it be, let’s guess
I guesstimate it won’t be anything abstract
It’s feasible to assume and acquiesce

That in all likelihood it’ll be food orientated
A hoard of chestnuts a cache of gold acorns
A stockpile of hazelnuts newly expiated.
Larders restocked stolen from its neighbours.

In all likelihood it’ll have nightmares also…
Just as we do, only they’ll be about the red fox
Chewing down on its ribs, eating its torso
In all likelihood, it’s just a normal paradox.

© 2016 Mark Heathcote



In tree branches
rustle of leaves
definition of fall
soft landing
under my soles
secretly played game
grayish, foggy
October morning
prompts smile
of fiery April

philosophy of leaves

copright 2016 Manolis Aligizakis (


When dreams fade away
Eyes that once saw beauty in everything.
Once strong legs lost the want to run.
Man who held great dreams, now want and need less.
The dreamer is hidden away.
Sane and logical life stole away the wishes and the hope of my youth.
When the dreams fade away and you become just enough.
What did we become?

copyright John Coyote 2016 (


young lusts burn,
tables turn.
politicians lie,
humans die.
money made,
old dreams fade.
rush, time will –
but love is still.

copyright 2016 (


Dreams are hope
Woven into a tale
Wherein we dwell
At the silken center
Of a magical web
Of charming stories
Spun into life among
The beauty of wildflowers
And sweet fruit of sturdy trees
Or the green and silver grasses
And high sheltering bulrushes
That cover the slopes and meadows
And edge the lapping waters
Along the shores
Of our lives.
Dreams lend us wings
To soar into the future;
Then the world turns
And we drift down to earth
Finding ourselves nothing
But body and bone
As dreams fade away.

Written by Margaret Mair (


When I, at last,
Open my eyes to the brilliance
Of forever,
No more to toil, to weep
No restless sleep.
When pain is but a memory
Soon snuffed by blissful peace
And low within the bosom
Of Earth doth my weary shell
At last find repose.
Do not weep for me
Nor lament what might have been,
For joy is found in freedom
From these wordly chains,
the nightmare of struggle ends
When dreams fade away….

by Cheryl KP (


When dreams fade away,
may the sweet taste of hope remain.

2 Nov 2016 Patti Hall (


When you left me

all those years ago

against your will

and surely against mine,

the dreams in my young heart

faded slowly

into mere echos

of another lifetime.

Four decades later,

after years of doubt

and darkness,

a speck of dream


asleep so deep

it barely breathed.

When the time came

that you found me again,

and you kissed me

by the river at sunset,

and I smelled your neck

just below your ear,

the dream awakened.

Sparks flew because we knew

the dream was more than just alive

and more than just a dream.

By JoAnne Silvia (



In the deep sediment of my mind
some long-dormant fragment of memory
has been inadvertently twitched

When dreams fade away
and night segues into day
I try to grasp it but it slips away

It lingers in the mind, unbidden
between and betwixt, drawing my attention
a thin tape whirring in my mind’s recorder

By Sofia Kioroglou, (


When the dream fades away
I wake to reality,
Hearing you breathe in the stillness
The necessity of sleep
Both a grief
And a gift;
The time we have lost
And your warmth
To wake me.

By Sue Vincent (


To Windows and Dreams

The end of the day
when the body rests in harmonious partnership with comfort
an oxymoron to uncertainty, the human will relive
its subconscious babble in the dream.
how many manifestations of destiny exist behind windows
when life is about choice and time is about limits
bury the rest in clay of different colors
body from the Earth, mind from the Divine
peering through the windows of what is lost
the sight of mounds and mounds I sleep.

I sleep now feeling weighed upon by all I have lost to the ego.
There are dreams to be had—in tonight’s I’ll be flying.

By Kate Houck (


“Map to Yesterday”

Map to Yesterday

Painted with rain on south wind’s

Sunset whisper-wings

Lost to orchid twilight time

When I was young, you yet lived


I remember this

All roads led back to you, Love

My heart at your feet


Sandcastle dreams drowned

Palm fronds hid me from your view

Garland of mourning

Fragrant as today’s mem’ries

Teal waves cresting, white-lace-trimmed


Snow falls on harvest

Apples, drifting like sugar

My grief still tastes sweet


Copyright Delyn Merce, 2016 (


Light of the Future

The night my dreams faded away
My fellow citizens mourned with me.
Our hope for a new beginning
Quickly turned into shock and dismay.
The ground broke open
And took us in.
The light of the future
Is still shining if we keep our
Eyes and hearts open,
For we cannot afford to abandon
Our dreams to make
This world better for our
Children and theirs.

(c) 2016 Robin Baldwin


When dreams fade away
I can no longer make you stay
I retreat to the cavernous room
There I relinquish my dreams
You do not exist
My imagination created you
A dream within a dream
Dreams made you real
In the shadow of this room
Crumpled remnants of my dreams
Dreams that never were
Fabrication of needs or wants
Taking away the reality of life
To forget for a moment
Dreams where you exists
Catching my attention from the now
Holding me prisoner to the dream
Until the bubble evaporates
In nothingness
To dream
Manifesting a dream
The moment is lived
Life in the now
You do exist
Though I could not see
For the dream blinded me

Hélène Vaillant (Mother Willow) ©


When it all fades to black

Like the end of a motion picture,

Despair morphing into a beast

Looking to take control

Distorting my peripheral vision

Chewing a bigger fraction of my pie chart

I, in turn

Hunt like a blood hound

For what is rightfully mine,

I grip the collar of my dreams

Put them on a leash even,

Making them recite my name

Till they realize they are not aligned

With anything or anyone except me

In a world as cruel as ours,

When fighting for the good of others

Vying for justice

Gentleness can only last so long.

– Original-Dante ©2016 (






























































Thank You – Celebrating over 2540 Readers!

Hello Everyone,

I was so happy to see that forgottenmeadows has reached over 2540 readers! I am so grateful for your encouragement! I know there are times when I don’t have time to engage as much as I would like to; however, please know that I appreciate YOU!

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When I started this blog two years ago, I did know where this would go…My first blog post On Goodbyes and See you laters will always be very special to me … My grandfather, who is 97 now, is not doing so great at the moment and I appreciate all of you who have been praying and sending your kind thoughts for him. It means a lot! Thank you for being there with me through this beautiful journey!


Much Love,


post and image copyright neha 2016

post and image copyright neha 2016




#PoetsForPeace – 140 Contributions by Poets Around the World! Thank you!

Hello Everyone ~

Michael , Marie and I are joyously overwhelmed by the tremendous response we have been receiving on the #PoetsForPeace collaboration initiated by Michael from the Poetry Channel, and hosted here on forgottenmeadows. You have surpassed all our expectations with the amount of sheer passion you have all shown for this effort! We are now at 140 contributions and still going strong!

We are so grateful to be part of this community where poets and creative minds from around the world stand together uniting for PEACE! This collaboration is open till August 31st and we hope to see more of you join in…Thank you so much for all the reblogs, the kind tweets, the facebook shares, the instagram posts…we cherish each and every message! 

Keep sharing, keep posting, keep living #PoetsForPeace !


Celebrating 100 Contributions to #PoetsForPeace – Collaboration open till August 31

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who have contributed to the #PoetsForPeace collaboration. We have reached a milestone of 100 contributions today! The collaboration is open till August 31, let’s continue to stand united for peace!

Thank you all!

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