thoughts from my mind to yours


Hearing your soul…

That moment

when the sky unfolded

in perfect symphony

of blue, yellow, orange, red

That moment

when you soared high

with your wings spread

That moment

when your heart surrendered

to the wind

That moment

when you took it all in

That moment

when silence

spoke louder than words

That moment

when your soul

was heard

That moment.


copyright neha 2015 poem and image


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The day unfolded


as your mind drifted

full of distractions

a blatant contrast

to the serene light that fell on you

as you laid out your thoughts


open like the skies

infinite with possibilities

of going anywhere…

but as the light faded into darkness

and the night sang the soft lullaby

you drifted again

to the beginning

or was it the end…

in the circle of life.

poem and image copyright neha 2015 poem and image copyright neha 2015

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Pondering minds of ancient souls,

Drift away in what nature holds,

For it’s both the questions and the answers told,

to the heart.

Pondering hearts of you and I,

lay staring at the infinite sky,

In pouring rain and sunshine,

in the cool breeze of our love.


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