thoughts from my mind to yours


Shadows of Enchanted Dreams

And sometimes you step into magic,
Deep in the woods,
Amidst shadows of enchanted dreams.

poetry and image copyright neha 2017



In my heart

My love for you
goes beyond all silver linings
from the darkest storm
it stretches like the wind
to glorious sunlit days
beyond all seasons…
it waves at the universe
with the constant rhythm
of being alive,
of being in love…


My love for you
folds like a gentle prayer
in silent waves
of the vast ocean
that does not question
the emotions
of the heart
rising and falling
like the tides…
My love for you…
is endless hope
with infinite dreams
and peaceful sleeps
of holding you close
in my heart.
poetry and image copyright neha 2017

poetry and image copyright neha 2017