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Help Me Raise £250 For The Dogs Trust By Leaving Me A Link To Your Blog

All the best with this great endeavor!

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The Christmas tree is up, but something is missing. There are no gifts under it, and I need your help to put that right.

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For this year’s Christmas charity appeal, I’m asking you to help me raise up to £365 for The Dogs Trust.

The Dogs Trust, formerly known as the National Canine Defence League, is an animal welfare charity and humane society in the United Kingdom which specialises in the well-being of dogs. Click here to go to their website.

Want to get involved? Here’s what you need to do.

  1. In the comments section of this post, leave the name of your blog and a link to it. This can be a link to your ‘about me’ page, a favourite blog post you’ve published, or the home page of your blog.
  2. If you’re an author, you’re also welcome to leave me a link to any books you have published. So, for…

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Poetic Collaboration “On The Way” Reminder…All Creative Minds Welcome!


Thank you to everyone who have participated in the collaboration so far, this is just a reminder to those who still wish to participate. You can click here for the details:

Please note to make your contributions in the original post in the comment section. Collaboration is open until December 11, 2017!

Thank you all and have a wonderful week!


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Imagen encontró poema

An invitation from my dear friend Amalia (Aquileana )who also translated my poem in Spanish. The invitation was to write a poem based on the picture 🙂


Francisco Fernández Jiménez

Wild meadows for the wild heart.
Free like the wild flowers,
flying in the wind.
Praderas agrestes para el corazón salvaje.
Libres como las flores silvestres,
volando en el viento
Neha (Denver, USA)

Traducción: Amalia Pedemonte (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Imagen: Francisco Fernández Jímenez  (El Ejido , Almería)

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As Thanksgiving approaches, I would like to share my sincere thanks to my friends and readers! I am so grateful to each and every one of you for supporting me on this journey! You thoughts and well wishes on my work is like sunshine, it always makes me smile! 🙂 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Quotes and Lyrics for the soul

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust


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In The Lime Light – #Interview with Neha of #ForgottenMeadows #PoetryBlog

I am so grateful to my friend Cynthia for highlighting me on her blog, an amazing poetess herself I highly recommend her writing to all of you! Do check out her works if you haven’t already and you can read my interview by clicking on the original post! 🙂


Today I have the pleasure of sharing fellow Poet Neha from Forgotten Meadows blog.
Neha is a dreamer, a published writer, and a business professional. She enjoys blogging and welcomes feedback from her readers. She hopes her writing makes you think and admire the little things life has to offer and reminds us that we always have time to imagine, to dream, and to follow your passion in life.

Please Introduce us to your Blog.  What is it all about?   What sorts of posts do you lean towards?  My blog is a personal poetry and photography blog. I lean towards posts that are positive and spread the message of hope with my readers.

What Inspires and stirs your creativity?  I am a dreamer who loves to imagine, so it’s partly my imagination that stirs my creativity and of course, there is mother nature, my greatest source of inspiration.


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My love for you…

My love for you
goes beyond all silver linings
from the darkest storm
it stretches like the wind
to glorious sunlit days
beyond all seasons…
it waves at the universe
with the constant rhythm
of being alive,
of being in love…
My love for you
folds like a gentle prayer
in silent waves
of the vast ocean
that does not question
the emotions
of the heart
rising and falling
like the tides…


My love for you…
is endless hope
with infinite dreams
and peaceful sleeps
of holding you close
in my heart.

poetry and image copyright neha 2017