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Calling All Creative Minds/Peace lovers/dreamers/finders of hope to our creative collaboration – Tales of Love

Calling All Creative Minds/Peace lovers/dreamers/finders of hope to our creative collaboration – Tales of Love
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Poets for Peace

Hello Everyone,

Please join us as we celebrate this month of ‘love’ with love that goes beyond time… Love for humanity, love for our beautiful planet, love for our mother, our father, our brother, our sister, our friends, our partners and for each other, love for peace, and love for hope…and share these tales of love in a mini collaboration brought to you by the #PoetsforPeace trio – Michael, Marie and Neha.

If you haven’t taken part in our previous collaboration before, you can see our #Poets for Peace Collaboration here. Stay tuned for more information on our grand collaboration later this year, #PoetsforPeace2017.
This will be at a much smaller scale; however, will have a similar feel and flow.
Below are the rules to participate:
  • Please place your contribution in the comments section (We will accept all contributions except for any that we deem hateful or inappropriate) Make…

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Renga Party – Conclusion

Thank you to all who participated and a special thank you to Michael for his dedication to this beautiful cause. Please join us for our future collaborations leading up to our main collaboration #PoetsforPeace 2017.

Poets for Peace


It was another challenging week for judging the entries. Not only were the couplets popular with the voters, but of such a fine quality that any of them would have made an excellent addition to the collaboration.

Ken, from the wonderful poetry blog, Rivrlogr, entered a couplet the glided just a feather’s width above the others.

Read Ken’s entry, and the Renga in its entirety HERE.

Thank you to all who entered and participated. We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

We also hope you will join us again as we hold future collaborations leading up to the main event, our International Peace Day poem, #poetsforpeace2017. Last year was an amazing experience and we hope to share that with more than the nearly 200 internationally renowned Poets from around the world who joined us last year. That collaboration will begin in early July, please…

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Renga ~ Week 2 Results

Hope Janice’s poem inspires you all for next week! 🙂

Poets for Peace

The judging just keeps getting more difficult as nearly every haiku submitted this week could have been chosen for the Renga.

A few poems did not meet the 5-7-5 syllable requirement for this week. Remember, they will alternate between. 7-7 syllable couplet (this coming week’s required form) and the aforementioned 5-7-5 haiku.

Also, a couple were either a little too off topic, or did not diverge enough from the Hokku. Remember, each stanza is relevant only to the one immediately preceding and immediately following it. So that this week’s haiku should have pivoted away from the Hokku and only related to it in an oblique way.

Keep in mind that this is new to all of us. We are constantly consulting what references we have. But also, this is not a competition. Rather, it is a collaboration and whether your proffered poem is selected or not, you are helping to…

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