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Prayers needed for Oreo

Just wanted to update you all that Oreo had a successful surgery and should be coming home tomorrow. We have to take special care of him in the next few weeks and monitor his health but the vet thinks he should be okay…Thank you so much for all the prayers and well wishes…You guys are the best!


Hello Everyone,

Oreo had an eye ulcer which burst and he will be going into surgery tomorrow night…your prayers are needed so he comes through it successfully and we can save his eye…He is the best brother ever!

Thank you all for your love that you have shown and continue to show Oreo!

Much Love!


image oreo copyright neha 2017

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oreo / image copyright neha 2016

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Tuesday’s muse

Tuesday often felt neglected

It wasnt like their partner Wednesday aka ‘hump day!’

It wasn’t like Thursday which was termed “almost Friday”

And it definitely wasn’t Friday the most popular day of the week, with the weekend following its dynamic grace.

And of course it wasn’t Saturday or Sunday who were celebrated as the weekend!

And it wasn’t even popular as the dreaded Monday..the start of a work week…

It was just Tuesday..a lapse in time between Monday and Wednesday…

Tuesday, it often felt neglected.