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Worn #Writephoto

The bruises she carried in her heart
were deeply worn like her steps
in her home
that helped her go up
while the other brought her down…
to a place
she didn’t know her way around,
but she kept going
until she found
her strength
to let go of the hurt
and embrace the love.


poetry copyright neha 2020. Image borrowed from Sue 🙂



















In response to Sue’s #Writephoto prompt. Thank you Sue!





Together #Napowrimo Day 8 #Writephoto

And in hindsight, it is many a times humbling
to see how things work in mysterious ways
you come together to appreciate this power
beyond you or any of your plans
that your may have made for days

So you stand watching the sun rays
spread across earth and appreciate
the small part you get to live,
in this magnificent play.

poetry copyright neha/ image borrowed from Sue Vincent














In response to Sue’s #Writephoto prompt. 



Presence #Writephoto

Your presence linger
in the faded memories
of childhood
when we ran through summer meadows
under sunshine,
it too has faded away…
since you’ve left…
but your presence linger
on days, when the sun forgets to be away
and sunlight kisses my sepia dreams.


poetry copyright neha 2020/ image borrowed from Sue Vincent


In response to Sue’s #Writephoto Prompt. Thank you for the inspiration as always Sue!