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Dreaming of Spring

Sometimes, winter feels so long
that she forgets about spring…
Spring, and the green green grass
and the blooms of fresh flowers…
the smell of earth after rain
and songs of birds she loves hearing again and again
as the sun shines on her heart…
making art, with words
that only come with spring…
so until then she lays on fresh snow
and she dreams, in hopes of spring.


poetry copyright neha 2020/ image from pexels, credit goes to original artist


That night – Napowrimo Day 9

That night
Your words were more honest
Than they had been in a long while
Not laced with the lies 
Your tongue had become accustomed to…
Caged Inhibitions of your heart erupted
Like mount Vesuvius
Drowning me
In the hot lava that poured out of your lips
Words you withheld with years of constraints
Words that I had always known in my heart
More pure than any drop of “ganga jal” or any holy water…
But then they said, ” it was just the whiskey talking.”


poetry and image copyright neha 2019












Inspired by a poetry prompt for #Napowrimo Day 9


Calm Night Across The River

Calm night across the river,

That’s hard to see in the middle of day.

Calm night across the river,

Where there is no farmer to make hay.

Calm night across the river,

Where large waves slowly capsize.

Calm night across the river,

Where moon lights brightly every night.

It’s the place where the trees dance,

Giving off a gentle breeze,

It’s where we all rest when we hand in our day’s keys.

Calm night across the river,

It’s the place I see in my dreams.


poetry and image copyright neha 2018