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Conclusion of “Tales of Love” Collaboration

“Tales Of Love” Collaboration Conclusion! Thank you to all contributors!

Poets for Peace

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who participated in this collaboration. We were thrilled to read the final product full of so many beautiful pieces. You can see the complete collaboration here:

free google image/ credit goes to original photographer free google image/ credit goes to original photographer


Keep sharing the love and stay tuned for more collaboration opportunities including our grand #PoetsforPeace collaboration 2017 later this year.

Peace and Love,

#PoetsforPeace Trio

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One Day- ‘Tales of Love’ collaboration by #PoetsforPeace 2 Days left to Contribute!

And one day, she hoped…
these words of love,
would weave through the souls of strangers,
binding them together,
with threads of compassion,
spreading peace.

poetry and image copyright neha 2017

poetry and image copyright neha 2017


My second contribution to our collaboration, “Tales of Love” by #PoetsForPeace. You can still contribute until midnight on Feb 28, 2017. Please click here for more information and to contribute. Let love and peace find your soul.




Yesterday, I saw you cry…

Yesterday, I saw you cry

from the comforts of the window

of my computer screen…

Yesterday, my heart broke

for there was nothing I could do

as I watched your tiny war torn faces…

Your bleeding aches,

so prominently captured 

on the 2 minute facebook message.

Yesterday, I sent a prayer for help,

to help you and other innocent children,

innocent people and innocent lives…

for though I can choose to skip this video

when it appears tomorrow…

you are tragically stuck,

in the most tragic of circumstances…

So today I write,

and I hope my words bring peace,

my words spread love,

and my words can be of some comfort…

And though it’s not enough,

I write and I pray,

for you.

poetry and image copyright neha 2016

poetry and image copyright neha 2016


This is dedicated to all the innocent children and people hurt in Aleppo and other war-torned places of the world.






Collecting sea shells by the shore

you ponder how life would be…

If you just lay

on the cool sand

drifting with the clouds

to the sound

of the ocean

that washed away

every spec of worry found

in your heart

like it washed the cool sand 

underneath your feet…

you ponder,

collecting sea shells

poetry and image copyright neha 2016

poetry and image copyright neha 2016