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Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating!

And when the feet writes letters to the heart…

of the places it would rather be,

the heart always smiles,

for all the paths in the world…

would lead it home,

where it belonged,



poetry and image copyright neha 2019



















Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating! May your home be surrounded by love for now and always!


I am thankful for all of you!





And sometimes you fly

soaring across the blue sky

into the waiting arms

of the people you love. 


poetry and image copyright neha 2019



baby's first time on plane

first time flying…pic copyright neha 2019


My son had his first flight at 10 month old to Canada. He was a great little traveler with minimum whining on the plane and loved spending time with family. Hence my prolonged absence these last couple weeks. 🙂 Hope to catch up on some of your posts soon! Happy Weekend Everyone!





You are like the spec of sand,

carried away by the wind…

far, far, far, away from the land,

where you had always been.


Lost with the sky

you wonder why

the world passes by you,

as you daydream on foreign sand,

longing for another blue…


Enchanted waves washes your mind

as you try to find

that forgotten piece of the ocean

the answer to all your questions

lingering with your tears…

and suddenly

you have nothing to fear

for the world is your ocean

and your ocean is the world’s

and as you travel by

floating in the sky

you smile

for it’s worthwhile

to long for home

and to find home

in your longing.

poetry and photography copyright neha 2016

poetry and photography copyright neha 2016