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Favorite Blog Nominations Around The World – Now Open! Nominate your favorites today!

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Hello Everyone,

As we are all home for the most part, I thought it would be nice to read some good blogs during these difficult times as we wait for things to return to normal again. I have done these before but this one will be with a little twist. Here are rules:

1.) List your favorite blog/blogs (there is no limit) and include their url.
2.) Write a line or two as to why you like the blog. How do they uplift you or make your feel that you keep going back to them?
3.) Nominators List your own blog name and url
4.) list the country you are in currently and do the same for the blogs you nominate if you know where they are.
5.) Please include all of the above in your comment to be considered.

* keep it positive, any rude or derogatory comment will be taken down.

I will also include some of my old and new favorites in the list.This will show us how connected we are even with the distance between us. We are in this together and I hope humanity will come across stronger on the other side. Nominations are open until April 29, 2020. I will post the entire list including the nominees and the nominators in a separate post once it is closed. Have fun and hope to see all of you from around the world!




Question – Why do you create (write/ take pictures/ draw/ cook)?

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would do an engagement exercise and learn more about my wonderful blogging community…I would like to know, Why do you create? Whether it’s a piece of writing or an art work…whether it’s waiting for hours for that perfect picture or mastering the perfect recipe…

Why do you create? Would love to read your comments and might add the most liked comment to the post ! Hope to hear from all of you! This exercise will be open until the end of February!


Thank you!




Mile High Eats – New Food Blog

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image copyright neha 2016











Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that we have started a new food blog page on facebook! I invite all my fellow bloggers and friends to check it out!

Please click here to like our page or visit

Follow us to get the good, bad and ugly of the Mile High food scene!

You can also follow my Forgottenmeadows facebook page by clicking here.

Thank you all!

Much Love,




Wandering past the windswept meadows …
she felt as though she was floating on a cloud,
the smell of sunshine awoke her senses,
she saw every colour, and heard, every sound
And In the midst of it all, she felt the little tingles
that touched her from head to toe…
She closed her eyes and heard butterfly whispers,
it gave her wings in her dreams and so much more.

free google image of butterflies

free google image of butterflies