thoughts from my mind to yours



May the light in your heart,
always outshine,
the darkness
which at times,
overwhelms your mind.


poetry nad image copyright neha 2018




I will follow you…

to the distant corners of your mind,

till you no longer want to hide,

And I will stand  outside,

your door,


For even if the world never stopped,

and people moved on,

you never left my heart,

and I will stand for as long as you need,

right here…



poetry neha image copyright neha 2018


Calling all Creative Minds/Poets/Artists to a poetic collaboration – “Once more”

And here is the final version of the collaboration “Once More”. A Huge thank you to all the contributors, and my apologies for the delay in posting the final version. This month has been extremely chaotic so just got a chance today to finally put this together. Much love and hope you all participate in the next collaboration, do check out the blogs of all the amazing contributors! 🙂


poetry and image copyright neha 2018

Hello Everyone,

As we wrap up spring and head towards summer, I thought I would do another collaboration. We all have times when we wish for one more moment, one more second, one more song, just once more and this collaboration is on that theme. If you haven’t participated in any of my previous collaborations before, you can see an example via this link. Everyone is welcome to participate and I will add your contribution in the order they are posted. You can post your piece in the comment, please ensure to post the actual text not just a link in order to be considered. You can post multiple times. Hateful language will not be tolerated and will be promptly removed if posted. The collaboration will be open until 10 pm MST June 30, 2018. As usual, I will start it off, and…

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