thoughts from my mind to yours



My curious mind

often questions the human condition

of conditioning the mind

to conditions

the heart refuses to understand.

image from pexels credit goes to original artist/ poetry copyright neha 2020


What have you gained from blogging /What has it meant to you?

Starting this blog last year was perhaps one of the best things I have done…I started it with the thought of working more on my writing but I have received so much more.

I have gained virtual friendships of genuine people who care, I have gained appreciation for my work that would have been long forgotten and  filled with dust on the pages of my journal and I have gained the confidence to keep writing not just as a hobby but to venture out alongside my business career. Of course there are many more things that this community has given me but those were just the few important ones… I want to ask my fellow bloggers: what have you gained from blogging? Hope to see many responses in the comment section!

image copyright neha 2015

image copyright neha 2015


Pet Peeves- What are yours?

This morning I was really peeved to see someone’s name spelled the wrong way… especially because this person who this wish was for had just passed away and it was a condolence message for the family. I realize, it happens but the error was quite big and it bothered me for a little while until I let it go. Anyway I thought I would share and ask you all about your pet peeves…Hoping to read some interesting comments! 🙂

oreo copyright neha 2015

oreo copyright neha 2015


Forgotten Maybes – What are yours?




we will remember…

our forgotten maybes.

Question to fellow bloggers/readers/friends- What are some of the “maybes” that you would like to do? Travel to a new place? Read that book you always wanted? Find yourself? Would love to know.


poem copyright neha 2015  free google image

poem copyright neha 2015 free google image














Letting go

You let go

of all your ‘whys’

as you stand

beneath the skies

and let the rain

pour on you.


For sometimes

no matter how hard you try

your tired wings just won’t fly

Just like

the sky isn’t always blue…



you clear your mind

and you let go

of all your ‘whys’

as you stand

beneath the skies

and let the rain

pour on you.


Rain storm

rain – free image taken from google search wallpaper



Chasing Butterflies

I want to get lost in the quiet madness…

of unexplained happiness that I see in your eyes.

I want to get lost in the moment of no questions…

and forget the “hows” and the “whys”.

I want to get lost holding your hands,

as we chase the butterflies…

I want to get lost with you.


*free google image




Ubi es? / Where are you from?


ubi es?

In Kindergarten, this question was easy, I lived in that blue house by the convenience store; if, the teacher wanted more details my name tag was right there on my bag with my full address on it. There was no doubt in the answer, and the audience was satisfied, because they themselves lived in the red house, or the big house or the small house by the lake.

‘Where are you from?’ was not a complicated question. Why then, twenty odd years later, I stumble on it trying to analyze what exactly the question is referring to, as though it was asked to me in latin? Yes, moving to a different country as a child certainly had something to do with it and so was the world becoming global. It was no longer as simple as the blue house, but where are you from could imply many different things…your home town, your country, your ethnicity, your language, your religion, your political party…in short, a question by which one could safely categorize you and create a “pin it” board of you in their mind. Many before me have grappled with this question in their quest for identity, and have found a place for them in this diasporic sentiments of their mind.

At twenty-eight, my answer to Ubi es would be I am from that blue house by the convenience store, I am from that red house and from the small house by the lake, I am from the hometown of innocence, I am from the country of kindness,  I speak the language of love, and I am from a  world of colourful dreams beyond the capture of any pin it board.