thoughts from my mind to yours



You did not know

where to begin

as you stood on the edge of your thoughts

trying to find sense

in the nonsensical rhymes

of the rain

pouring outside your window

tapping on the cold pebbles

of your heart

displacing  logic

a tad bit to the left

of what you felt was right…

you did not know.

poetry and image copyright neha 2020



Take a deep breath,

and clear your mind,

Close  your eyes,

for you don’t need them,

to look inside…

of you.


Feel your heart,

and search soul,

don’t drift apart,

for you are whole…

it’s true.


Let your worries drift,

with the golden breeze,

just for this moment,

I tell you, please…

find blissful clarity,

within you.


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Today I realized,

I miss handwriting my thoughts…

The slanted “A” and the fancy “I”s,

the way my hand gripped the pen,

the smudge of ink on the side of my left hand,

as it moved left to right on the piece of paper,

a silent meditation,

without a thousand windows open in front of your eyes,

Today I realized,

I miss handwriting my thoughts.