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But I keep forgetting

I try,
But I keep forgetting,
The morning dream
That disappeared
When I opened my eyes.
Leaving me in a daze,
Inside the haze,
Of colors and sounds
That drown, my insides
With something
No word can describe,
My memory, fragmented
In pieces…
from my conscious mind
As I try to remember…
But I keep forgetting.


poetry and image copyright 2019 neha



















Napowrimo Day 5, Happy Friday Everyone!













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On forgetting and remembering

“Out of sight, out of mind”, is a cliché I never quite resonated with. I don’t think any religion that exists, including the religion of humanity in the world, could carry on if it were true…how could the millions of people of different faith even follow a religion if everything in our mind only existed when we saw it right in front of us. Imagination would cease to exist, thoughts, hope and feelings you cannot see would diminish in value…Perhaps I am exaggerating as this saying is perhaps only meant for people…but I think unless one is in a state of mental illness and cannot possibly keep things in mind, we will always remember what is important.



I am all for forgetting the negative things that may have hurt you, to start fresh in your life… but let me tell you, where ever in this world my family, friends and loved ones choose to be, even if they travel between heavens and hells of any religion, or through the entire cosmos and I don’t see them in this lifetime, I can promise you, they will still be in warmest corners of my mind.