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Calling all creative minds/poets/ bloggers to a poetic collaboration: Waking from a Dream

Hello Everyone,

So it has been a while since I have had a collaboration and thought it was about time I started a new one…I hope you can all join in and make this into a beautiful piece. As usual, I will start off and you can add your lines in the comment section ( I will add in the order they come in). Get inspired by title “waking from a dream”… I will list the contributors at the very end with the same color as their lines. If you are new, you can see an example of my past collaboration on this link.  I hope to see many of you joining in and I also appreciate you passing this on to fellow poets via sharing on social media or reblogging. This collaboration will end on October 1st, 2015! A big welcome and thank you in advance to my friends and fellow poets! ❤


Waking From a Dream

image copyright neha 2015

image copyright neha 2015













It felt like waking from a dream

of a forgotten paradise

that still sparkled in your eyes

like fallen stars



Stars that once stood high
Shining down upon a face
Uplifted in regard
Of a warm evening in paradise.



How does real life seem,
This waking compromise
Turning warmth into ice,
and abandoned cars—

Leaving me dry,
Without a trace
Of what I’ve now forgot—
I would fain discard
This breaking into rot!


But my satin eyes
wanted more of it
Tried closing my eyes
But the magic was over
& Ï could just sigh &
Think of it …


There will be dreams in our life
That we need to let go.
Because at times we do forget
As we develop so they grow.


Drifting in silence
Light softly breathing
filling each remembrance
without expectation


But, as your head turned you confirmed
That time indeed was flowing and
More than just a dream you held
my heart within your knowing


soft whispers in my mind
your loving voice a gentle reminder
wake and keep reaching for the stars
dreams are messages from your spirit


Touching the fabric of your sheets
Hoping to drive the sun light away

Praying to God everything is gonna be perfect
No more troubles, just colourful blooms
Atleast that’s what dreamland showed
Atleast that’s what you want.



remember in the softness of this early
dawn: although things are what they are
they may also be what they seem, listen
and recall the whispers from your dream


as the dark casts its final shadow
the light bends its knees for tomorrow
as the hidden dream mingles to the flow
it takes the scene all its own
and ended an erratic show


close your eyes and imagine
shadows dancing in the rain
ghosts of the past
dreams of tomorrow


Restless yet not awake,
Storms pulling me
Away from love we make.
Need an anchor, land~
Less of stars ☆¤☆
More of you.♡




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