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So many memories,

fall like enchanted rain,

of another time, another place…

When you held my hand, and hugged me,

cupped my little face, in your palms…

and now as I stare at the clear skies,

waiting with the deep blue ocean,

as the wind blows by, 

I hug you in my heart…

hoping, my hand will reach your soul.

poetry and photography copyright neha 2015

poetry and photography copyright neha 2015


















She did not know

if it was too soon

to lament behind

the eclipse of the moon

hiding behind the veil of darkness

that gripped her heart

poem and image copyright 2015 neha

poem and image copyright 2015 neha














This poem is dedicated to my Dad’s uncle who passed away yesterday…I just found out this morning…He was a good man and may his soul rest in peace.






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