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Only Yesterday


Only yesterday,

you were collecting summer dreams…

in a fistful of sunshine

and heart full of hope,

and now you lay,

on the cool green grass

and watch them fall

in golden hues and crimson reds

like the open sky above you,

flying gently in the autumn breeze,

only yesterday…


free google image. poetry copyright neha 2019


Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

24 thoughts on “Only Yesterday

  1. I needed this today.

    Gratefully, Tom

  2. This is like a melody Neha…
    Really nice

  3. Amazing picture and poetry as always!

  4. Really nice verse– transitioning summer to fall.

  5. Your words resonate so deeply with me, Neha. They touch the very inside of my soul. I know each reader interprets them according to their personal experience. While reading your piece I couldn’t help thinking of my own broken summer dreams where I fell into deep sadness on October 1, 2017 and now again since October 14, 2019. These two periods of time have marked/ are marking very important turning points in the history of Catalonia and Spain. Police beating up peaceful protesters, four of them have lost one eye, each person, in just one week and because of the Spanish police shooting rubber balls. People being imprisoned for their ideas, being sentenced to many years in jail, peaceful protesters being accused of terrorism… Where is democracy? Where are our civil rights? Oh, Neha, it is a hard time, but we must go out to the streets and keep up our nonviolent struggle which the media, especially those ruled by the Spanish state, constantly try to deny. They want everybody to believe we are violent, but we are not.

    “and now you lay,

    on the cool green grass

    and watch them fall”

    I like the green grass, there is hope, but I really watch them fall, my broken summer dreams. I never thought I would witness such brutality and repression. I thought Spain was a solid democracy, but no, the state is becoming more authoritarian day by day. We are in the middel of the tunnel, but I see a dim light in the distance, this is hope, like the green grass of your poem.

    We need international help. The Catalan-Spanish conflict will never be resolved judicialising a political isssue. We need international mediators. We need the world to see the injustice and repression we are facing. Here is a video I would like everyone in the world to know about because it shows the truth, not the fake news the Spanish state is spreading worldwide:

    • Thank you for the thoughtful comment and sharing how it personally affected you…I don’t want to sound ignorant but I have not been following Spanish politics so cannot make an insightful comment but I do feel sad if ideas are being repressed and free thinking is being punished…I hope you come out stronger and there is still hope.

      • You are welcome, Neha. Yes, increasing repression is exactly what is happening. We have to keep up with non violent actions and, yes, there is hope. Thank you for your understanding and support to democracy and civil rights!

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