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Look Out Your Window #Napowrimo Day 6

Look out your window
and wave at the birds
and the trees
and perhaps another fellow human being
look out your window today…
and say
hi to the skies
who doesn’t always answer your whys
but is always there
as solace for your eyes…
look out the window today.

poetry and image copyright neha 2020



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Calling all Poets/Creative minds- In a land of forgotten dreams

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I land on my forgotten dreams,

from the lost window of my mind,

as they drift away to far off places,

leaving no traces behind…


Trying to remember what I’ve forgot

To forgot what I remember

My mind plays with me

Or is it other way around?


Scared, I turn to my heart


My heart has no need to play with words

Thoughts and images


I ask a question not needed to be asked

“Help me?”

Pulsing it soothes me with the primeval song

And I know


I know my dream.



I return here

for a moment

to this mysterious place

that for so long seemed

so far away


Years together

I have been waiting for you

Succumbing to the pain

I look through the window pane


For a moment, my thoughts stick on the space between us

Not realizing space is meaningless

We separate ourselves by emotion, culture, experience

Yet are only so far apart as a moment of thought, connecting our spirits


Distance is no match for my memory of you

Your smell, your form, the delicate way you turn your eyes

In my direction, your touch…

And my anticipation of your return shows

In the path I’ve worn, leaving pieces of my heart

On this window sill and the doorstep and the steps between


Oh, how I long to step out

walk free

I’ve been locked inside this room for eternity

The fear I know is only in my mind

yet I can’t break free

So I will look out the window of opportunity

and put off my decision

till another day


Move on, move on,

Oh sad and lonely soul.

Your eyes are athirst

For the water in a mirage;

In truth, the jug was never as large

As you recall.


As thus, you’re longing and lingering

For a false love;

For sooth, it was never there at all.

Look ahead, look ahead,

Be careful, lest you fall again,

For the figurine in your dream


Will crack and tumble down,

It will break and scatter on the ground.

Alas, it’s the shards of glass to penetrate your heart

For wanting what was never yours.

Arise, move on, move on,

Oh dreamer of the night.



observing the horizon, with hopeful eyes

awaiting for a New dawn after this tormenting night

a night walker I had become

on this so elaborated land


I used to have control over here

but my mind has gone crazy, missing you indeed

here and there I observe my forgotten dreams

all destroyed, burned or simply over and gone


Only one star above leading my way

watching all, seeing nothing

feeling pain for the forgotten love

missing all, having nothing


I sail on grey forgotten seas

from dreams remembered

of damaged things

Night sky wanes with dimming stars

I struggle to awaken from afar

Contributors: Me (Neha), Ivyon,In the Stillness… Laurie’s Gentle Healing Notesupenreddy, thelandlinebloglorriebowdenkharismaceyworksnovels,artes del viento,bluerock / debrazone