thoughts from my mind to yours


Travel Dreams

And then the open roads beckoned

Your travel dreams

Tucked away in the curious corner

of your heart


poetry and image copyright neha 2016




You are like the spec of sand,

carried away by the wind…

far, far, far, away from the land,

where you had always been.

Lost with the sky

you wonder why

the world passes by you

as you daydream

longing for another blue

washing over your grey mind

as you try to find

that forgotten piece of the ocean

lingering with your tears…

and suddenly

you have nothing to fear

for the world is your ocean

and your ocean is the world’s

and as you travel by

floating in the sky

you smile

for it’s worthwhile

to long for home

and to find home

in your longing.

copyright neha 2015

copyright neha 2015



You travel the world

with your thoughts…

from sunny Spain

to cloudy Seattle

to that barely lit hut

in the remote outskirts of nowhere

you become one

with the serene lake

the gentle breeze

you become one

with the volcano

waiting to erupt

the fire burning

through the mountains

you become one

You travel the world

with your thoughts…

you even travel

to those abstract, obscure places

that are hard to find

in the depths of your mind

you travel the universe

and then come back

to gently nestle

in the small comforts

you cherish

at home.


poem and image copyright neha 2015

poem and image copyright neha 2015