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Praying for Sri Lanka

Shine on
Rise above the darkness
Into the
And though we weep
Now for the ones we lost
Keep hope in your heart


poetry and image copyright neha 2019






















And for Napowrimo Day 21 it was with great sadness in my heart that I wrote this piece, praying for Sri Lanka and the devastating tragedy it faced. May you always keep hope.



Mother’s Heartbreak

It carries through a thousand seas,
beyond the tears in you and me,
it stops the flowers in mid-bloom,
and the evening sun senses it too…
As it bleeds red into the sky,
embracing the mother’s cry,
the world seems to fall apart,
trying to heal a mother’s heart.

It carries through a thousand seas
Beyond the tears in you and me
conquering heaven with every breath,
A mother feels her heart break…

poetry and photography copyright neha 2018


This is dedicated to the families in Florida who lost their loved ones in the recent school shooting…This is especially to the mother’s whose grief is beyond what I can imagine…My heartfelt condolences and love to the families who have gone through such horrific tragedies, in Florida and elsewhere. Let there be peace, let there be hope, let there be love.





Finding Light

Finding light

through veiled sight

when the world cried

drenched in black

robe of grief,

was hard,

but you had to start

by keeping hope

to cope

with the unexplained anguish

of unanswered whys

finding quiet comfort

in the solidarity amongst humanity

that still shone in the dark,

finding light.

poem amd image copyright neha 2015

poem amd image copyright neha 2015









My deepest condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones in the Paris attacks, may you still find the light of hope in your hearts…my thoughts and prayers are with you.


That day…

That day

innocence burnt

like a fragile star

engulfed in darkness

far beyond its imagination

leaving the world saddened

of what had become of humanity…


hope still spoke

from the tear filled eyes

and the heavy heart

let out a sigh

as it collected star dusts

of memories left behind

in the stars that remained

to be placed in the jar of love,

that day.


copyright neha 2014

copyright neha 2014









* This piece was inspired by the recent event and dedicated to all the innocent lives that were lost and to innocence that is lost in tragic ways everyday…I hope for a world of love and hope my words spread peace in all hearts.


First Flash Fiction – She Slept In

She had always been an early riser. She liked the feel of the morning light touching her face… It was the cleanse for her mind…She loved watching sunrise. But that morning, something was different… The blankets were too comfortable, and her body seemed to have found that perfect spot on the bed…so when he had called her softly, to go on the morning walk, she muttered something unintelligible and gone back to sleep.

Then the phones were ringing and the doors were banging and her world had turned upside down. He was hit, there was blood everywhere, they had taken him to the hospital…it was a hit and run. She hung up the phone, they had declared him dead. Was this a dream? Was she still sleeping? She did not want to wake.


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