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Spring Blog Nominations for best blogs now Closed

Thank you to all who took the chance to recommend/nominate blogs for Spring Blog Nominations. Comments and nominations are now closed, I will go through the list over the weekend and add a few of my own recommendations and bring you the list next week. Stay Tuned!


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Beyond #Writephoto Prompt and Napowrimo Day 18

Beyond the distant rivers,

lies a sacred forest

where trees dance

with the rhythm of sunshine.


poetry copyright neha 2019 and image borrowed from sue vincent















In response to the #writephoto prompt by my friend Sue Vincent, please check out her blog if you haven’t already!


Fix You – Napowrimo Day 11

I will wait for you
On the other side
Until you no longer want to hide 
From this ache that burns your insides
In flames 

I will offer you 
my hand to hold
So you don’t feel so cold
After you feel you have sold
Your heart away

I will wait for you 
until you open the door
Like I have many times before
To hug you close and say…
Even if you think the world moved on
And you feel you will never see the sun
You will be okay, perhaps not today,
Maybe not tomorrow but someday…
And until then, I will be right here 
To help you, fix you.


poetry nad image copyright neha 2019




Napowrimo Day 11