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Grandma’s Lap

Sometimes what she missed most about being a child was sleeping on her grandma’s lap, dreaming of all the characters in the fairy tales she heard before sleep. Her mind clear, without the veil of worries haunting her. Her heart free of the heavy weight she felt as an adult, of the things that needed to get done, of places she needed to be, of people she needed to heed.

She missed the innocent nights where she would just talk, all night, with her grandma about nothing and everything, without being judged…from the number of cookies she ate that day to the new friend she made at the park. Her grandma in turn would tell her about her own childhood stories of being the only girl in school growing up, about her favourite dish as a child, about her own grandma who she grew up with. They would lay there laughing about the neighbour next door who was too loud, they would talk about the fish they bought from the market that day. She missed her grandma’s laugh when she hugged her, but what she missed most was falling asleep on her grandma’s lap.


story and image copyright neha 2015

story and image copyright neha 2015


First Flash Fiction – She Slept In

She had always been an early riser. She liked the feel of the morning light touching her face… It was the cleanse for her mind…She loved watching sunrise. But that morning, something was different… The blankets were too comfortable, and her body seemed to have found that perfect spot on the bed…so when he had called her softly, to go on the morning walk, she muttered something unintelligible and gone back to sleep.

Then the phones were ringing and the doors were banging and her world had turned upside down. He was hit, there was blood everywhere, they had taken him to the hospital…it was a hit and run. She hung up the phone, they had declared him dead. Was this a dream? Was she still sleeping? She did not want to wake.


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