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Blogger to Blogger – Join in and share your love this holiday season!

Dec 21, 2018 Update –  Thank you to everyone who participated, stay tuned for the final post highlighting some favorite bloggers! Comments are now closed!



Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all having a wonderful December. As you may know I have not been able to be here much, as I take care of my newborn and I do miss reading all your work! I would like to highlight some of my fav and new bloggers and would love if you all can join in and mention a blogger you would like me to highlight in the comments. Rules are simple – You cannot nominate yourself, use hateful language or promote a business. The category of blog can be anything from poetry, photography, travel, cooking and anything between that makes you feel good about reading the blog. Write one or two lines about why you like the blog you nominate and leave a link of the blog and your blog with your comment. No more than 2 nominations per person. Deadline to comment will be until December 20, 2018. I will go through the list and include the blogs that follow the rules along with the blog (person) who mentions the nominee! 🙂 Hope you can all participate!

Happy Holidays – Share the love! 🙂



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Sharing your best blogging tips…

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would make a post where we can all share our best blogging tips with the community, as to what works and what doesn’t…Of course there is no one best tip, as different things work for different people…but I thought this could be helpful for both new and seasoned bloggers 🙂 Please place your tip in the comment section so we can get a good discussion going …I will start it off with a couple of mine that has worked for me…

1.) Be passionate about the material you post on the blog.  Write  with conviction… I feel that helps  transfer your love for what you are sharing with your readers.

2.) Communicate with other bloggers if you get the time…It means so much to see a comment on your post…so try and leave your thoughts on what you have read if you get the time ( of course like button is great when you are short of time) …and on the same topic, try to respond to the comments that you get…it helps you build lasting connections with your readers.

Alright I hope to see many more tips from my fellow bloggers and friends in the comment section…I will try to add them all to the post after one week. 🙂

copyright neha 2015

copyright neha 2015

Echoes of Infinity

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Sometimes in a world of understanding,

understanding is hard to come by…

everything is lost in the humm of music,

holding the heart together…

Words run out and thoughts submerge,

in a temple of echoes,

repeating themselves to infinity.


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