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Swaying to the wind

You dance to the unsung songs of summer

faded in the distant memories of childhood

where you danced under sunshine

through wildflowers & butterflies

swaying to the wind

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2015

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2015




You ran bare-feet to greet it at the door,

like you had many times before,

through the barren streams and moors,

forgetting your daily chores…

with the breeze blowing your hair wild,

you ran with the  inner child,

in your heart…

you ran bare-feet to greet summer at the door,

of spring.

poem and image copyright2015 neha

poem and image copyright2015 neha

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Calling all creative minds/poets for winter/holidays collaboration…

Please click on original open till Dec 31 2014…Thank you 🙂


Hi Everyone,

It’s December and the holidays are almost upon us…naturally, that calls for a collaboration to celebrate the season! It will be open till December 31st, 2014 and I hope to see many contributions from my fellow bloggers and friends :).. As usual contribution can be made in the comment section and I will add them in the order they come…All contributions  will be in different colours and I will  list the contributor in the same colour at the end of the piece. Happy Holidays and hope to see you all join in!

free image from google free image from google

Watching snow

fall quietly by your window

warming your heart

for the holidays…

smiling from deep inside as I address each greeting card and knowing that it really isn’t that hard to make someone else smile from deep inside with the bit of cheer I can provide!

On the stove’s a singing pot

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1 More day! Calling all creative minds/poets to the fall collaboration



Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to remind you all that the fall collaboration will close at midnight tomorrow, Sept 30th, 2014 E.S.T. If you are still interested in adding to the collaboration please click on the link below and add it to the comment section in the original post before this time.


Thank you so all so much! I can already feel it will be a beautiful, colourful piece just like this season! ❤


Kind Regards,



Summer’s End

As summer officially comes to an end today, thought I would repost this. Please click on original, thank you! 🙂


It came


like  a gentle breeze

in the crimson sky

that touched the leaves

with a drop of red

like sweet whispers

walking on cool sand

of memories built

in little tokens

as we watch the green fade

and the petals fall

on the meadows forgotten

paying tribute,

to summer’s end.


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15 More Days – Calling all poets/bloggers/creative minds at the autumn collaboration

smile fall

Hi Everyone,


Only 15 more days to go till the collaboration ends…So get in your contributions if you wish to add 🙂 Looking forward to reading some lovely works of fall…


Please click on link below for original post and add your contribution in the comment section


Thank you & Kind Regards,



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Calling all creative minds/poets – In The Sunshine of Summer Time

And Here is the final result of the summer collaboration! Thank you so much to all those who contributed to make this so beautiful!!! Would appreciate if all would click on original post. Thanks! 🙂


Hi Everyone, I thought I would start a summer collaboration that will be open for the months of July and August and close on September 1st, 2014! This is the longest duration I have ever had a collaboration open so I really hope a lot of you will participate…tap on to those summer memories, emotions and feelings… Just like the ones before, you can add your contribution under comments and I will place them in the order they come. I will put the name of the contributor at the end of the piece in the same colour as their contribution and the names will be in the same order as well. Please be patient with me on updating, as some days I may not get to be online during these months as previously noted but if you leave it in the comment I will make sure it has been added…

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