thoughts from my mind to yours




by the shades of the skies

you stood, barefoot,

watching sunrise,


to be



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Calling all creative minds/poets in a collaboration of “Love”

copyright neha 2015

Hi Everyone,

As Valentine’s day is almost upon us, I thought I would start a collaboration on “love”. Not the commercial kind we see in stores but the real emotion we feel in our hearts. I have felt a lot of love in this community and I feel blessed to have made so many friends. I hope you will all join in on this collaboration and help to make it a beautiful one like you always do! 🙂 It will be open till the end of February, so plenty of time for all of you to contribute. Please place contributions in the comment section and I will add in the order they come. As usual the contributors blog will be listed at the end of the piece in the same colour as their contribution. Also for my photographer friends and bloggers you can send me a link to a photo you would like to add and I can save that and upload it, and put you as the contributor at bottom ofcourse! Thank you all and here’s to love 🙂

I have started it off, and hope to add many more of lovely additions from my fellow bloggers 🙂

In quiet nights of gentle dreams

In dark storms of pouring rain

In bright days where sunshine beams

In deepest joy and solemn pain

my love floats free


and whole

like the brightest light

in the darkest cave


the universe of my soul




Pure white light enters
surging through head
and heart, and every cell.
The body suffused
with a crystal glow
sparkling, shimmering
as love expands
knowing no end
encompassing the sun
and stars, the universe.
Distant now from it’s beginnings
light, pure, and clear, free
from the heaviness of earth.
Spiritualised, pure and radiant
displaying the glory
of it’s true origin.
Love becomes all
the reason and purpose
The spirit sees that love
is creation, energy
the foundation of life
and all matter
Love is eternal, indestructible
Love has no opposite
Love is all.


Fertile Hearts

Within fertile hearts
the seed of bliss is planted
to flourish in love


Our love is deeper than the Mariana Trench
more rare than a conch pearl,
a fine cognac glistening in baroque,
Sirius lighting the night
tomorrow we will be the finest opus,
birdsong from the crest of a tree.



roses are red
violets are blue
I’m out of my head
in love with you

Valentine’s is a day for love
more beautiful than a peace dove
celebrating the gift of you
along with this majestic view

image credit goes to Brad

image credit goes to Brad











We wait for flames to touch us, crave the warmth
we have been told is Love, the lightning in a summer
storm, the harmonies of a symphony, a garden
in full blossom. We expect Love to arrive in glory,
beauty, flying banners, drums and trumpets.
But this, this solitary evening is my empty cup —
when Silence fills it up, have I not again received
more than I have given? Even the air we breathe
is Love.


Valentine Snow – Tanka
Beautiful snow
you said and kissed the flakes from
my face and lips- but not as
beautiful as you.


You Remind Me

Maybe it’s because of your reminders,
I came close to who I wanted to be.
Could it be that with you that’s who I am,
and loving you brings out the best in me?

Perhaps it was just as you imagined,
and I was then so eager to believe,
being in love with you made me someone,
that there was nothing I could not achieve.

Now I care not for meaning or purpose.
Each day is an endless soliloquy.
I remind myself of my good fortune,
and accept that this too was meant to be.

But I know that fate is for the foolish,
dwelling in the past pointless exercise.
Each day I struggle against the vortex,
drowning in tears from memory of your eyes.


As You Are

I never got to see you,
the way that I wanted to,
to see your face,
every day,
all of the time,
in every way,
in every place.

And I never got to see you,
the way that I needed to,
to see your smile,
every sparkle
all of you mine
on every journey
on every mile.

But I did get to see you,
see you from afar,
the way that you wanted to,
wanted to be seen,
every where I go,
every breath that I breathe,
just as you are.

That’s the way that I love you,
love you though we’re apart,
the way that you deserve,
deserve to be loved,
with every beat,
with every pause
with all of my heart.

Wave of Love

With every heart beat
we expand beyond our selves
beyond physical

to wash the shores of spirit
with an endless wave of love


Love Liberates

Insecurities immobilize
dreams damaged by doubt
fear-frozen hope at a standstill.

Love liberates
dreams revitalized, rediscovered
fearless-flourishing hope in hyperdrive.

Loving Souls

Loving Empathy
trust and vulnerability
grow intimacy

Love feeds the heart when nurtured
Lavishes the soul when shared


My heart beating faster,
my hands moisten with nerves. 
There you stood so lovely,
and I,  so lost for words.

Time evaporated,
just you and I remain.
Before I ask how long,
forever, you maintain.

Your palm against my face,
head tilted, wistful smile.
I ask, “Where have you been?”
You touch my heart and say …
here …
all the while.


Begins the Thread

Begins the thread, rich tapestry’s breadth,
embroidering love we are warp and weft.
Striving for closeness with spaces between.
A purpose, meaning, being heard and seen,
unique affinities that transcend death.

Our souls bound more tightly with every breath.
Luminous spirits seek to coalesce,
with a fineness only hearts can glean
begins the thread.

Wishing to savor every moment we are left.
For without the other we are made bereft.
Not wanting to awaken from the dream.
Love, the pinnacle of our lives, it seems.
When we reach an end though naught appears left,
begins the thread.


Four Vases

Four vases
Rest in the drain board –
My grandmother’s beautiful crystal.

Two-dozen red roses –
Some to compost,
Some lovingly
Drying in a bowl
On my Aunt Clara’s
Crocheted tablecloth
On my dining room table.

Valentine’s Day
Is long gone.
But I am still reveling
In the love
That surrounds me.

Love was born the day the world began.

It has flourished since then

in different hues,as if on cues.

Love has lived in the hearts of young and old alike,

in different forms and faces.

Love doesn’t differentiate

on the basis of race or color.

Love only knows to love.

I’ve seen love:

in a mother’s eyes

who starts caring for her child

even before laying eyes

on that bundle of innocence.

I’ve seen love:

in a father’s arms

waiting to embrace you

in-spite of all your mistakes.

I’ve seen love :

in the heart of a  friend

who values every tear,every smile.

Every emotion they comprehend

taking it as if it were their own.

I’ve seen love:

in a teacher

whose patience and encouragement

can drive you miles ahead

towards your goal.

I’ve seen love:

in the kindness

shown by some random stranger

on your unlucky day.

I’ve seen love:

in the words of comfort,offered to you

by your other half

who stands by you

through low and high tide.

I’ve seen love

dwell in the hearts of little children

who find joy,in everything around them.

Love only knows the language of love,It cannot hurt.

Love is never impatient nor evil,love endures.

Love gives you hope and strength to fight every battle before you.

Love will keep doing what it knows best,

that is to love.


Love to me is mutually giving and earning


Caring so much

I cannot bestow enough

Dancing on clouds I never knew existed

Elevated by an impermeable cocoon

Knowing without a doubt

My search has ended

An enchanting whirlwind beckons

Time accelerates

Months blurring into years

Rallying against life’s curveballs

Strong arms encircle

Offer safe sanctuary

More profound than words

A collaborator in all dreams

A person who believes in me

To match my confidence in them

Commitment forged from trust

No walls

No facades

No games

Peace at last

An environment in which I can aspire to my very best

My today

And every tomorrow imaginable…


I pour my heart out for you
here –
on this page, my Love.
You have made my existence
You touch my soul in a way
that no one else has been able;
you set it on fire.
I love you for that


Reciprocal Hearts

You’ve always had my heart
to do with as you please.
You chose to nourish it,
love me passionately.
I felt undeserving
until you helped me see,
the best thing about us,
love’s reciprocity.

When I am with you

I live poetry

Your whisper in my ear

Your laughter in my soul

Your kindness written on my heart

I BREATHE your words



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Autumn Collaboration Calling All Poets, Bloggers & Creative Minds – Bring in your colours with fall

Hi Everyone,

As the colours slowly start changing around us I thought I would do a fall collaboration with all of you. Like previous collaborations, please put your piece in the comment section and I will add it in the order they come. I will place the name of the contributors at the end of the piece. As per usual I have started it off…It will close on September 30th, 2014.Hope to see many colourful posts of the season 🙂

free google image of fall

free google image of fall









Enchanted colours mesmerize

And you forget to analyze

As your heart falls in love

through your eyes

with autumn’s beauty.


The things that grow, must also pass,
As cycles wander endlessly through
Time, as changes and transformations
Mark the maturation, signal
The ripening of humanity and nature, of
Humanity in nature. Fall is not the beginning of death,
It is
The arrival of new


Chartreuse shades, Spun in Amber and Gold,
Settle o’er the Hushed glen and Tranquil ‘wold,
Speaking in tones of Russet and Red,
Echoing secrets Adonis once Said.

Sparkles of Frost Kiss the September Air,
Flourishing Silver without a Farthing to Spare,
Daylight Dancing askance the fields,
Lingering Warmth that Caresses and Shields.

October is Waiting with rosy cheeked Fare,
Scarecrows and lanterns, ready to scare;
November is Focusing its Glassy Gaze,
Conspiring with Winter under a Leaden Haze.

Yet, now, ‘neath the Smile of Autumnal Delight,
Think not of Regrets; Feel not Contrite;
Leave such Diligence for Lengthier Days!
‘Tis time to sip cider while the Fiddler Plays


Nay, I can’t disdain
Year’s pungent last season;
Harvest baskets brimming over,
Blessings for heart’s storehouse:
God’s gilded provision, share!


I see my own reflection
in your eyes
and in the changing colors
falling back into the earth.
And I find myself falling
back into my own heart.

Flaming gold, wondrous red,
gleaming brown, silver mist,
magic purple, hues of green,
supernatural crimson,

Couleur d’automne,
Et beautés du Monde!

turning within this autumn season
find hidden treasures beyond reason
more vibrant and precious than gold
come explore this beautiful fold


The time of beauty

before the big sleep

The colors astound

a feast for the eyes

Each one dresses for 

the big fall

A choreographed dance

a chosen partner

Dance with me love

each step we take

Together in a dream

a dream in the big sleep

May we meet again

in the prime of your youth

Reborn in Spring

experience a summer love

And leave before the clock

strikes winter


A leaf twirls

Scrunched up and dry –



Rust flames

A touch of frost –



Barren trees

bittersweet longings –



Bitter endings
Spark new beginnings
When winter’s coat
Is shed

But first memories
Will come to life
On the day of the
Living Dead

For Halloween
Will soon be here
With spooks and ghouls
and ghosts

Spirits will rule the day
Taking treats and
playing tricks on
unsuspecting hosts


Liquid leaves in an ocean of falling waves from the tree
A whirlpool of colors so many but so few
Turning in the whirlwinds of change
Little death invested to renew

And so we fall like leaves
Slowly floating to a world unknown
Seasons passing with mystical colors
An ending that reminds us of the beginning to come

A final fluttering dance when our steps grow slow and life is done.



The subtlest of seasons
in the most charming way
Transformation of what was
Preparation for what may

Behold the vibrancy
Of changing leaves
Hues of red, orange and yellow
Gone is the green

Allow your senses to speak anew
Smell the fresh morning dew
See the sights surrounding you
Be prepared for what is to come

The kiss of death
Life’s song has sung
The fall of days
When true reflection is made

Beauty finally seen
Don’t let it slip astray


Shuushi: Autumn Contemplation

the harvest moon is fading.
Bright gold coin in black sky
now dims and wanes
to a partial dish of cream.
Hatsu arashi, first storm of autumn
has washed clean the sky,
aki simu – autumn is clearing,
brilliant blue,
luminous white clouds drifting, silent. peaceful.
Autumn’s voice whispers:
breeze across dry leaves on the grass,
wind in the reeds at the creek,
The little priest,
the small cicada delicately
moves his wings, a small voice
among the raucous pine and bell crickets,
an alto to the larger cicadas
and their metallic thrum.
New coolness in the air
The coming of autumn
is somnolent today.
No rise or fall,
A steady tone of almost silence.
The morning glory twines
lovingly around my plum tree
and shows her blue face,
echoing her sister,
aki no sora,
My beloved autumn sky.
The small grey tabby
across the way
sits beneath an oak
watching the occasional
slow falling leaf.
Her eyes stay upward
and she does not move
for she wants to see
the leaves as they float
and fall around her.
An early leaf burning,
smoke wanders and its
incense drifts to heaven
and to my grateful heart.
I sit entranced in the midst
of the haiku
I wish I could write.

Adventure Awaits

On the road
Adventure waits

Ascending the mountain
The world comes alive
With the glorious colors:

Red, orange, brown,
Leaves appear on the ground

Seeking the earthly delights


Autumn is the fire

That leaves us dark and cold

Watching all our dreams

Burn in red and gold

Closing up our houses

Sealing up each door

Skeletons branch out

As death bedecks the floor

So hideaway the grain

Shut up all the stores

Be frugal with your food

As the autumn fire roars

For soon will come the snow

And the biting winter frost

And the long dark nights of cold

Where hope and warmth are lost

So quicken please the fire

That leaves us in the cold

Hurry please the spring

That starts this wheel so old


Autumn springs out of the seasonal tapestry,

I am that tree you see in the grove

With a few green leaves,

Buds still shooting

Clinging to past seasons,

Good memories.


Dropping plenty of orange


A heart felt celebration

The Aftermath


Nature’s Confetti.


Brisk Fall

blankets from the chest
fleece from the drawer
chimney smoke begins to soar

a fine crispness
familiar changing of season
though surprising, when upon

fresh chill in the air
the first crackling fire
nights of early retire

another place
other times they stir
a gentle reminder


And they, green to red,
and I, red to grey,
change and fall together


end of season

wispy clouds
drift to secret destinations
and lightly landing
are welcomed home


Last dance of Summer

Earth tilts the skirt of sky
very becoming rotation
set with planet jewels in motion upon this hem of horizon
Twilight waltz, spun senses behold a turning gait
she waxes a change, a future harvest moon
revealing swoon fills upon the breast of sky
your patient tide strolls, gliding touch to an emblazoned night
her skirt entices a memory aquamarine blushing rhythmically
At the center of sky daylight paints away
Moon becomes her own memory
sapphires wink gems of stars, as always, always you take her timeless
earth begins enfolding softly the skirt of sky, to a season of seed
Dance upon this evening sky
holding her vesper chant, her curves becoming full
her hint of Fall whispering
when moon remembers this tilting dance
of earths longing hold
released ever so slowly
from the long dance of summer


“The Party’s Over”

Born hiding their true form, waiting through the heat of summer to reveal their beauty.
Fading daylight and cooler temps urging on a transformation of pigment.
Quickly revealing the hues formerly hidden, catching the sun’s light to stun onlookers.
Short-lived rainbows you can touch until the winds tear them apart.
Nearing the end they fall one by one, like guests who can no longer stay.
Splashes of color dotting the land, discarded remnants of nature’s last party.


As Autumn Wakes

As autumn wakes, the trees display
a collage of leaves on bright sunny days.
Crimsons and gold to catch the eye,
peak as the equinox draws nigh,
senescence will surely hold sway.

To carpet woods, as squirrels foray,
with acorns they will store away.
To the south the feathered fly
as autumn wakes.

Orchard branches bend down to say,
the time for harvest upon us lays.
Give thanks to that, on which we rely,
the succulent bounty from on high.
Blessed gifts are Mother Nature’s way
as autumn wakes.


Dear Summer, keeper of my child-like soul,
You, who remind me of my vibrancy…my youth…my passion for soaking in life
and what it feels to be alive. I drank your intense sun and let it fill me and my days.
But alas, your turn is over and you must step down from your throne
And allow your sister, Autumn, to reign and push forth her colors to paint my world.
Let me not forget the lessons you have taught me. There shall be no rush. Nor shall I
regret that I get to experience and embrace this life season for all it has to teach me
until the winter of my life enfolds me.




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Golden Serenity

Half of our hearts splattered in the sky

while the other half stood still


in the evening light

fallen between you and I

as the colours touched our eyes

we dipped our minds in golden serenity.