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It’s endearing to trace the pages of old books
That have been read a thousand times…
you feel the love of people,
who have adored the words before you
and left  traces of them in weathered pages you now hold,
it’s like music to a writer’s mind.

poetry copyright neha 2019/ free image borrowed from unsplash, credit goes to original artist


Dear Blog Spammers

Dear Blog Spammers,


I am writing with a request 

which I must stress

as you fill up my inbox

with rather useless, comments…

that you please stop messaging me. 


I do not care 

that there is an “asics singspore sale”

nor that my “SEO is fail”

and I WILL NOT be clicking on that link

you have mailed,

so please stop messaging me.


I am tired

and am sure so are my friends

to see the same old words

pop on the page

which at times 

makes me want to rage

at my innocent computer screen…


So although this is probably a futile attempt

but by if by chance you happen to read this,

I greatly insist

dear blog spammers,

please stop messaging me.

poem and image copyright neha 2015

poem and image copyright neha 2015







3 Things No One Told Me About Blogging From A ‘fairly new’ Blogger To Another!


So I have been in this blogging sphere for a little over two months and these points are just a snapshot of my experience here so far…

1.) It is hard work…No really, it is! This has been my first real blog where I have taken the effort to be active and keep it up to date…But let me tell you, it is a lot more work than I had previously thought. I think I now check emails that I get from my blog way more than I check other social media outlets. Perhaps it is the honeymoon phase, I am yet to find out, but I have realized in order to actually experience this blogging, you need to be active by not only posting regularly but you also need to be visible throughout the blogging sphere… looking at different blogs or keeping up with bloggers, liking their posts, etc. Not just that, you have to think of new ideas for your posts. Some may think having a poetry blog should be easy to write for, perhaps in some ways it is, but…I too have to look up tagged posts to see what people are writing about or thinking about to generate more traffic. I cannot always do that as my poetry is dependent on my muse, but when I am inspired by a ‘hot’ topic I write about it. And it can ALL be QUITE TIME CONSUMING! I am not complaining but if you are new figure out a system that works for yourself, set a time during your day for it, or even different intervals where you check and update your blog.


2.) Writing Practise! – I think I read in another blog about how blogging can make your writing suffer, as a lot of bloggers are not as critical of it compared to an editor; however, what I mean by writing practise is letting your creative juices flow! I had not written a poem in a while when I had started this blog…since then, I now write at least two to three a day. It just opened up that dormant corner of my mind, and I feel I can write other pieces much faster as well. Not that I am comparing quantity and quality, it just is a perfect board to express your thoughts.

3.) Great Exposure & Strong Community! – This atmosphere really satisfied the writer in me who craves good reviews…and it coming from other writers is very special. Perhaps some of them are too kind and it inflates your ego a bit, but being in a world that at times is so segregated from art and writing in its day to day, I felt finding this community was a truly enriching experience. I get to share and learn from a great bunch of people around the world everyday and I appreciate all my readers from the bottom of my heart.