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Dear Blog Spammers

Dear Blog Spammers,


I am writing with a request 

which I must stress

as you fill up my inbox

with rather useless, comments…

that you please stop messaging me. 


I do not care 

that there is an “asics singspore sale”

nor that my “SEO is fail”

and I WILL NOT be clicking on that link

you have mailed,

so please stop messaging me.


I am tired

and am sure so are my friends

to see the same old words

pop on the page

which at times 

makes me want to rage

at my innocent computer screen…


So although this is probably a futile attempt

but by if by chance you happen to read this,

I greatly insist

dear blog spammers,

please stop messaging me.

poem and image copyright neha 2015

poem and image copyright neha 2015







Comments going in Spam Folder – Rant

So I just read a post by Al over at A mixed bag about wordpress acting weird…Given, the problems listed in the comments I decided to double check my spam folder and lo and behold some comments from my regular readers had gone in there! So if any of you were wondering why I have not responded or why your comment was not showing up on my page well…now you know! – NOT COOL WORDPRESS…NOT COOL! 


PS: I have now made sure I have sorted that folder properly and from now on will check it more frequently.

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On “Cool”

Monday Morning Rant: I am at fault of using this term myself, but nothing bothers me more than this one word response of “cool”. Of course, in person you can get an idea of how that cool was used in the tone of the person’s voice, but in email or texting that is impossible at times. And even when you know that it has casually replaced ‘ok’, it has this non caring feel to it. For example, Q: How Do you like Monday mornings? A: It’s cool. Q: Are you ok? A: I am cool. Q: Hey, look at this new thing I made. A: That’s cool.

You see where I am going here…It is a word that is overused with little or no emotion attached to it sometimes. And I don’t know about you but I like my words with a little more personality, than them be just ‘cool’. 🙂 Ok ending rant now, Happy Monday Everyone!