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What are your fondest memories of Your Favourite Place?

Hi Everyone,

As many of us look ahead to the long weekend coming up and building new memories …I want to ask my fellow friends and bloggers…what are some of your fondest memories you have in your favourite place or places? Could be a recent or a childhood tale…or anything in between… Please share in the comment section! Looking forward to reading many stories 🙂

Here are a few of mine:

One of my favourite childhood memories was visiting my grandparent’s house in India during summer vacations…the train ride…the long walks with my  grandfather, the numerous stories that I made him tell me…were all part and parcel of what made it so special…

Another was a trip my Mom and I took to Montreal…it was a girl’s trip…My mom and I share are very close bond and  we had an awesome time touring Montreal on the tour buses! 😀

image copyright neha 2015

image copyright neha 2015














My trip with my husband to Kerala was perhaps one of the most memorable trips with the house boat experience and the quiet time we got to spend with each other away from everything…in the scenic beauty of nature.

image copyright 2015 neha

image copyright 2015 neha