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Staying Positive – How do you do it?

I stumbled upon an old post…and wanted to ask my readers and friends …what do you do to stay positive? Do share!



Sometimes, being a creature of night and day, my darkness outweighs my sunshine. I hang out in the fog of my mind and mope about all the things that have not gone right. However, being a instinctively optimist person, my mind does not allow me to stay in this state of mind for too long and here are five things that I do to stay positive and get back into the sunrays of my day.

1.) Listen to Music. It usually starts out with sad songs that reflects my mood but slowly I find myself going on to the happy ones on my playlist. The transition of my moods can make a song in itself.

2.) Think about all the things that have gone right. I know when one is in a ‘sad state of mind’ this is hard, but I force myself to do it and at once I…

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In hope of kindness…

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Tread gently,

for behind those eyes you see

lies a lady

dreaming her last dream…

Tread gently,

for behind those eyes,

lies a child

looking at the skies

for the first time…

Tread gently,

for behind those eyes

lies a man

building his home of imagination…

Tread gently,

for behind those eyes

lies a person

whose heart has been broken a million times

but they still send a smile

to the new day….

Tread gently,

for the world awaits…

in hope of kindness.

image and poem copyright neha 2015 image and poem copyright neha 2015

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Echoes of misfits

draped in everlasting dreams

resonate through

a tunnel of hope


copyright neha2014 tunnel

copyright neha2014 tunnel




rainbow - free image taken from google

rainbow – free image taken from google


That day…

The world forgot to be kind,

and you forgot to be patient,

and in between figuring out who you were,

and where you came from,

and why you were here,

the clouds of life,

poured on you,

and your heart cried with the rain…


when it was over,

and though the world did not change,

you felt lighter and soul felt cleansed,

and you noticed the smiles among the frowns,

and drenched in what was your pain,

you found that little piece of joy again,

you followed the rainbow of life.

Echoes of Infinity

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Sometimes in a world of understanding,

understanding is hard to come by…

everything is lost in the humm of music,

holding the heart together…

Words run out and thoughts submerge,

in a temple of echoes,

repeating themselves to infinity.


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Let me…



Let me learn…

all there is to learn,

the known,


and everything in between.


Let me see…

the good,

in people,

but remember,

how bad,

can be…

Let me be strong…

to face anything,

life throws at me.


Let me feel thankful…

even when I am feeling low,

for I still have breaths to live,

to turn around this sorrow.


Let me be kind and understanding…

let compassion guide me,

let me always remember where I am standing,

and that, I am free.


Let me seek knowledge…

and shun ignorance,

spread happiness around me,

let me embrace love,

and never lose hope,

let me be…