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Hi Everyone,

As I take on this journey of motherhood, I am penning some musings and doodles on Instagram – Follow me here:

image and poetry copyright neha 2019


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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I Never Knew…

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while since I have been on here and the reason being is that I recently had a baby boy in October. ­čÖé We are elated to have our bundle of joy; however, it does limit my time online…thank you as always for your continued support. I will try to be here when I can and check out your posts! Do leave me your thoughts in comments and I will try to get back when I am able!


Here is a small piece that I wrote for our son

I never knew my heart could expand,
until your tiny body was placed on it
and I felt your heartbeat against mine…
I never knew my love could grow any stronger,
until I looked at your innocent face
looking at the world for the first time.
I never knew I would stay awake dreaming,
watching you,
with my tired, sleep deprived eyes,
just to see you smile.



poetry and image copyright neha 2018