thoughts from my mind to yours



Tireless champion
of spreading hope,
my sun painted
the color of love
on the skies,
for your eyes,
to see light.



poetry copyright neha 2020/ free image from pexels


For she is a girl…

Don’t clip her wings,

for she wants to fly,

Higher, than the reach of your eyes,


Don’t break her courage,

for she dares to dream,

awake from a past full of screams,


Don’t put her beneath your notice,

for she is a woman,

a mother , a sister, a daughter, who insists,

on being heard,


For as history has shown,

and future will see,

she is beyond grasp,

she is free…

She will learn what there is to learn,

and she will fly in the clear blue skies,

She will rise after each fall,

and she will conquer all that lies,

in her path…

She will not stay under your oppression,

but please do not torture her with your brutality,

she is stronger than you will ever know,

but set her free, in the name of humanity,

for she is a girl, and she can do everything,

that can possibly be.


poetry and image copyright neha 2018


In honor of International Women’s Day



Let the barriers fall

Let the barriers fall,

and teach that wounded heart

to smile again…

For  you are part of this magnificent universe,

that smiles back at you

if you look carefully enough…

once you remove your veil of tears.

So let the barriers fall,

and teach that wounded heart to smile again.


poetry and image copyright neha 2018