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Recently, the states of West Bengal and Odissa in India were hit by cyclone amphan causing devastating damage…my grandmas and relatives still live in one of the cities affected and had no electricity for 72 hours…this along with the pandemic has left the place shattered…although my relatives are safe many were not so fortunate…i pray for all affected and hope they get the help needed during this difficult time.




You don’t always feel the butterflies
Butterflies You initially felt
felt when falling in love
In love with a dream
A dream that you chased
You chased across the world
world that took away the butterflies
Butterflies that kept you awake
Awake with anxiety and this need
This need that consumed you
You this fragile being who depended on validation
validation from what
what spoke to your mind
mind that seemed to soar and be paralyzed at the same time
Time that brought epiphany
Epiphany that it was okay to let go of the butterflies and still be passionate
Passionate about these dreams that break you
Break You in pieces to make you realize the power of resilience
Resilience that goes beyond the butterflies 
Butterflies that you let go for you build your own wings to fly
Fly across the world with the strength of your dream.


free image from pinterest/ poetry copyright neha 2020