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Little Paws

And his little paws
created art
on the pristine fields of snow
spreading joy
chasing his own tail.

poetry and image copyright neha 2020

Oreo loved the snow, may he find a ton of snow to play up there! ❤ Still the best pup ever, forever and always!



Enchanted Rain

So many memories,

fall like enchanted rain,

of another time, another place…

When you held my hand, and hugged me,

cupped my little face, in your palms…

and now as I stare at the clear skies,

waiting with the deep blue ocean,

as the wind blows by, 

I hug you in my heart…

hoping, my hand will reach your soul.

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2017

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2017



Today, I hear your laughter in the skies, and I know you are the reason the sun shines a little brighter, the air smells a little sweeter and our hearts feel a little heavier, with all the love you shared…you always were and will forever be the best Dadubhai…


My grandfather always told us to lead our lives in a way so when we leave, our life can act as a guide to lost souls who are trapped in their thoughts/journey, to help them move forward. We lost our Dadubhai yesterday…he was our guiding light, our mentor, our friend whose strength surpassed the toughest of times…his life was a legacy of the message he shared…his heartwarming laughter, his never-ending quest for knowledge, his birthday messages to his grandchildren, his ability to make people feel so special and most of all his huge heart will forever remain with us all. We miss you Dadubhai ❤ ❤



Copyright neha 2017


That day…

That day

innocence burnt

like a fragile star

engulfed in darkness

far beyond its imagination

leaving the world saddened

of what had become of humanity…


hope still spoke

from the tear filled eyes

and the heavy heart

let out a sigh

as it collected star dusts

of memories left behind

in the stars that remained

to be placed in the jar of love,

that day.


copyright neha 2014

copyright neha 2014









* This piece was inspired by the recent event and dedicated to all the innocent lives that were lost and to innocence that is lost in tragic ways everyday…I hope for a world of love and hope my words spread peace in all hearts.