thoughts from my mind to yours


Lost & Found

That night…

lost between the known and the unknown,

lost between the saints and the sinners,

lost between giving up and finding hope,

you promised yourself…

not to define

what was to come

and to cherish

what you had become,

as you awaited the new dawn,

to follow your old dreams…

that night.


copyright neha 2015

copyright neha 2015


Let me…



Let me learn…

all there is to learn,

the known,


and everything in between.


Let me see…

the good,

in people,

but remember,

how bad,

can be…

Let me be strong…

to face anything,

life throws at me.


Let me feel thankful…

even when I am feeling low,

for I still have breaths to live,

to turn around this sorrow.


Let me be kind and understanding…

let compassion guide me,

let me always remember where I am standing,

and that, I am free.


Let me seek knowledge…

and shun ignorance,

spread happiness around me,

let me embrace love,

and never lose hope,

let me be…