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Rainbows and love

My son saw his first rainbow today, and I felt a lump in my throat, as my heart filled with joy seeing him experience this magical moment. He probably won’t remember this but I hope he always looks for rainbows after rain…when the sun kisses the clouds with love.



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Sunday Smiles

My husband and I went to the Museum of Nature and Science yesterday…and there was a mythical creature exhibition…In that exhibition there was a wall for kids to draw their own mythical creatures…There were unicorns and octo mermaid and chicken horn…I loved all the creativity and the creatures they came up with…but this one made me laugh out loud (literally) but in a good way…Thought I would share it with you all…Happy Sunday Everyone! Cheers to Creativity and may your imagination never falter!

picture copyright neha 2015

picture copyright neha 2015