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Calling all creative minds/poets for winter/holidays collaboration…

Hi Everyone,

It’s December and the holidays are almost upon us…naturally, that calls for a collaboration to celebrate the season! It will be open till December 31st, 2014 and I hope to see many contributions from my fellow bloggers and friends :).. As usual contribution can be made in the comment section and I will add them in the order they come…All contributions  will be in different colours and I will  list the contributor in the same colour at the end of the piece. Happy Holidays and hope to see you all join in!

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free image from google

Watching snow

fall quietly by your window

warming your heart

for the holidays…

smiling from deep inside as I address each greeting card and knowing that it really isn’t that hard to make someone else smile from deep inside with the bit of cheer I can provide!

On the stove’s a singing pot
To relieve the biting cold
I’ll make the tea piping hot
A taste of India, so bold
Brings back memories I forgot
And stories long since told
Of holidays that mean a lot
To all, both young and old

end of year
so many new memories
weaving patterns with the old
not a hint of snow
climate warms
future challenges

Temperatures fall
This pic
Grabbed my eye ball

If snowflakes were glitter
a festivus season to remember
with ever six degrees of connection
warm smiles and happiness is an infection.

“Keep Christmas your way–

Let me keep mine!”

Scrooge’s habit, bitter denial.


My hope is that

We all keep Christmas

In our signature styles–

Savor, cherish meaning awhile.


Not held for mere

Day, within our hearts;

Treasure Babe-King’s love always–

Never let it depart.

In wonder I stand
My face turned towards the skies
As the flakes touch down gently upon my face
Melting and mixing with tears of joy
Knowing you will be home again soon.
I smile at the memories
Soon to be made
Of another perfect holiday
Spent with you.

after the harvest
comes the season
of reflection

a celebration
of the gifts we
have received

throughout the year
but have often
been too busy

during summer’s
longer days
to open

to gratefully
and to savor

初雪(はつゆき First Snow – haiku

midnight: snow flowers
spiral down and quickly die
on my outstretched hand.

I hold this moment

of peace,

holding a little space

only for you

here, in my deepest heart –

holding ever so lightly,

as the gentle prayers

you whisper

and allow to drift to me

from this place.