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Love in ten sentences

Love blossomed in spring

Love bloomed in flowers

Love laid on green

Love laid for hours

Love followed the sunshine

Love landed on summer

Love flew with breeze

Love flew for hours

Love found your heart

Love,it found forever.


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“How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet
“You don’t spell it…you feel it.” – Pooh”
― A.A. Milne


I was nominated for this wonderful challenge on love by my wonderful friends Lorrie and Brad. If you wish to participate the rules are as follows: Write a post titled “Love in ten sentences”, with ten lines each four words long. Each sentence must contain the word “love” in it. At the end of the piece put your favourite quote on love and nominate ten other bloggers . I nominate these ten wonderful bloggers listed below for this challenge. Feel free to accept or decline, regardless have a beautiful first day of spring! Here is to a wonderful season! ❤ Neha













I will fight a million fights,

with the raging skies,

Just to bring a smile,

to your tear filled eyes,

don’t cry…

for your tears can extinguish,

the brightest fires of any night,

and it can stop any heart,

from taking flight,

don’t cry.

copyright neha 2015

copyright neha 2015


Question to Bloggers/Readers: What is one thing about blogging that keeps you coming back to it or that you find rewarding?

Hi Everyone,

I was reflecting on blogging the other day… and for me the one thing that keeps me coming back to blogging will definitely be the community. There is so much support ! I love finding people who actually care and eventually become your friends and in some ways your blogging family. 🙂

I wanted to ask my fellow bloggers… is one thing about blogging that keeps you coming back? (Doesn’t have to be just one haha) as I have many more reasons too! Do Share!

copyright neha 2015

copyright neha 2015


1 Year of Blogging- Here is to Wonderful Friendships & Amazing Readers…Thank you!

Hello My Lovely Readers,

I just realized that today marks one year since I made my first post here on forgottenmeadows ! What an incredible journey it has been so far…I have been blessed to find so many talented people, read some wonderful writing, see some amazing photographs and most importantly make some great friends…I cannot thank you all enough for your love and support. It means more to me than you will ever know! Here it to all of you…may our connections continue to grow deeper and stronger in this community…and may all of you find happiness following your passions in life! ❤ ❤

Much Love,



copyright neha 2015

copyright neha 2015


1000 – Thank you

I have finally reached the milestone of 1000 readers following my blog on this first day of August…it is indeed a very happy Friday! Thank you all so much, I appreciate each and every one of you who have taken the time to visit, like or comment on my blog. It means a lot to me! I am especially grateful for the friends I have made here who have always been so supportive of me. ❤

I will be away for the next two to three weeks so this is a wonderful departure present 🙂 . Do leave me your thoughts here while I am gone and I will return them when I am back. You will all be in my heart ❤ ❤


May you always find sunshine in your hearts and may you always chase the butterflies of your dreams!

See you all in a few weeks! 🙂 🙂




Final Award Post

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Hi Everyone,

After much contemplation and mostly because of the limited time I have had lately, I  would like to make my blog award free. I appreciate each and every nomination I have had so far and your love and kindness towards me and my blog has left me without words. You will all be forever appreciated and loved in my heart 🙂 I hope I continue to get your support going forward. However, before I head towards an award free blog I would like to personally thank everyone for their nominations (for the awards I could not get to participate in yet)  and this post is dedicated to all those lovely individuals. Please note if I have missed anyone it was not intentional, and I am truly grateful for your nomination!


To all my readers: Please check out these amazing bloggers (in no particular order)  for not only are they generous with their nominations but their blogs are wonderful to follow 🙂

SleepyKitten – Thank you for nominating me for wonderful team membership award, sisterhood of world blogger award and Versatile Blogger Award

Belsbor – Thank you for nominating me for Wonderful Team membership Award and Award for Love and Kindness

InfiniteZip – Thank you for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award

Dan McGaffin– Thank you for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award

Lydia Devadason – Thank you for nominating me for the Sunshine Award

Aarya & Veda –  Thank you for nominating me for the Howler Award

Abhilasha S – Thank you for nominating me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, Versatile Blogger Award and Sunshine Award

Sussane Leist – Thank you for nominating me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award and for the Versatile Blogger Award

Bookgirl -Thank you for nominating me for the Liebster Award

Eily Nash – Thank you for nominating me for the Influential Blogger Award

Ronovan – Thank you for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Kcg1974 – Thank you for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award and Sunshine  Award

Brett’s future– Thank you for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Ivyon – Thank you for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award

reocochran – Thank you for nominating me for the Wonderful Team Membership Readership Award

Kataar – Thank you for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award and Very Inspiring Blog Award

Embracing a wounded soul – Thank you for nominating me for the Most Influential Blogger Award

Thank you very much for all your love and kindness. Lots of love to all of you and may you always find happiness 🙂 🙂 











Six Months of Blogging and 20, 547 views later…

On June 29th, I completed six months of blogging here on forgottenmeadows. It feels like yesterday since I composed that first post, and waited with anticipation for a response…here we are more than half way through the year already… My stats tell me I have received 20,547 views, 918 subscribers…those are great numbers, but what they don’t tell you is how happy I feel when I my work connects with my viewers and how much I appreciate each and everyone of one of you! Thank you so much for all your likes, comments and encouragement, I am blessed to have gained such a supportive group of friends in this blogging community, and I hope I continue to get your support as I go forward in this journey 🙂 




Blogging and the ‘LIKE’ VALIDATION!


‘How many ‘likes’ will I get on this post?’

I have caught myself thinking that a number of times since I have actively joined this blogging world. I would probably still be considered a newbie to some, being just a month shy here on wordpress; however, this new notion of validating my writing by the number of likes I get, has made me self reflect on this matter. I will not lie, it is a great motivator, but I think it is time for me to step back and see things for what they are.

There once was a time not too long ago, before social media or blogging when I used to write my thoughts down in a diary, getting immense joy from pouring them on that paper not viewed by anyone but me. There was a time when  pictures were just shown to close friends and family, for the mere joy of sharing the memories with each other. It did not matter about the number of people who saw the pictures but the closeness we felt from it. I am not suggesting that one cannot feel close via a ‘facebook like’. I myself have connected with childhood friends  and that ‘like’ from them means a lot. I digress, coming back to writing… I think for myself, it is a little different than sharing pictures.

Writing has always been an outlet for my thoughts. It helps me unwind after a long battle of emotions, helps me lose myself in music, helps me draw pictures with words that I cherish, helps me hold nature to my heart, and it is often my love songs. It has never been about how much someone else has liked or disliked my work. How then did a ‘like’ on one post and not the other begin to affect me like this?

Now, I would be dishonest if I said I do not appreciate being appreciated. I think most writers will tell you they get high when their readers resonate with their writing and show appreciation; however, it cannot come with a cost of validation of my work. If I were getting paid to do a marketing job, where I had to get consumers liking my post, it would have been different; that one extra ‘like’ would mean by bread and butter. But this, this right here is different, it is simply my thoughts and my muses, my nights and days of emotions on paper, it is the abstract ladders to my thoughts and my concrete heart on the computer screen, and though I will always appreciate and like that ‘like’, my work can never be validated by the number of ‘likes’ I receive.