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Happy New Year!

And when it was all said and done,
You were amidst the lucky ones,
Spending time with those you love,
Under the blue skies…


poetry and image copyright neha 2017 (image: mom and dad visiting us in Denver!)


Wishing my blogging friends and community a very Happy 2018! May you all find many smiles that warm your heart! ❤



Calling all Creative Minds/Poets/Artists to a poetic collaboration – “On The Way”

image copyright neha 2017


Hello Everyone,

I invite you all to my brand new poetic collaboration, On The Way.  You can write anything that is inspired by the prompt, I am only accepting new poetry at this time. Everyone is welcome to participate and I will add your contribution in the order they come and list the author (and blog link if listed) beneath the post. You may contribute as many times as you wish. Please note that hateful language is not acceptable and I will remove any post I find inappropriate. If you want to see a previous example of my collaborations you can visit here Please add your contributions in the comment section. Please include the actual verse not just the blog link in order to be considered. The collaboration will be open until December 11, 2017 until 11:59 pm E.S.T. Thank you all! So without further ado, I will start us off and hope to see you all join me in creating another beautiful, creative, collaborative, piece!


She stumbled on sunshine
that peeked through grey clouds,
on the way home.

poetry by Neha



Following the path
I knew I was on the way
Toward better days

poetry by Dorinda Duclos



On the way
to a better life
she found herself

By Denise Fletcher © 2017



I dashed through dandelions
Scattering seeds, to dainty fall
Each a wish; wanting them all

poetry by Diana



Sometimes you’re leaving
In order to find the way
That’s leading you home

Poetry by Erika Kind



on the way down
dandelions and daisies
distracted David’s day

Poetry by Brad V



On the way to something so beautiful
He stopped and took her by the hand
And they continued on together

poetry by Sylvester



surrendering all
these human shells transforming
diaphanous wings
flying in the massive sky
towards heaven’s pristine gates
distant tolling of church bells

poetry by Dorna Hainds



Words sometimes get lost,
on the way from Creativity,
the Destinations get crossed,
as Inspiration is quite finicky,
but Poetry always gets the best,
maybe Fantasy, and Passion, too;
yet Lyrics, and Fiction take the rest,
leaving Bloggers to make do,
with whatever scraps they can find,
to get published by the deadline,
and I’m left wanting more,
I know my writing isn’t Pure,
it’s tainted with Pain and Misery,
from a bloody Bitter history,
Darkness, Agony, and Woe,
follow me wherever I go,
but it seems along the way,
Hope and Resilience,
decided to stay,
which makes a difference,
words are harder to find in the Light,
Happiness and Joy jumble my thoughts,
and I often find I miss the Night,
for there, words are never at a loss,
on the way from a freshly Broken heart,
their structure alone can rip you apart,
when they’re spewed from lips of Rage,
the heat and fire burns down the stage,
the audience gives standing Ovations,
yet they’re so Impatient,
demanding an encore,
and I become a desperate whore,
Lost between Pain and Love…

Poetry by Grabbety Covens




On Being A Soldier

A neophyte he was commissioned

In the elite forces

The glamour and glistening,

The perfect touch of the olive green

Was all so beckoning…

Little did he foresee

A cruel distortion of the valley;
A violent paradise!

After being on the qui vive

Amongst nameless faces

Garbed in camouflage battle fatigues

Watching the crowd gingerly

For hours together…

Fighting off the monotony

With vacant eyes,

Plastic expressions

And abandoned thoughts

That old confident strut and swagger

Has returned.

Poetry By Ranjeeta Nath Ghai



Wait for Me

On the way,
memories lunged
from dark corners.
I fought that fight with my heart –
and on the way
I set free brooding angels willing to leave
the darkness’ sticky hold –
and I
saw the light shine on you,
I cried when you basked in its hope
and new possibilites –
but you didn’t know I could see.
On the way,
when daylight rained down and howling,
treacherous gales forced their way –
I endured them.
From now on we will decide
where the leaves
will fall, and if the sun comes again,
it will shine where we say –
then it will always shine, on the way…
to you.


Poetry by Anita Lubesh




A Poem is like a walk
A walk inside my mind
In all its nooks and crannies
where I’m storing the sunshine

Every time I revisit a corner
a drop of creativity falls through
The brilliant thought paves the ways
and the words show me the way through

The stroll through the darkest thoughts and feelings are too scary
Everyone wishes to skip the way
Not the face the way the way it is

The path has its twists and turns
It is easy to get lost in them
Delightful as it may sound
Hurt, pain, and anxiety are quietly taking shelter here

A burst of happiness and joy will sometimes pop up
Gives you the relief and strength to make the journey
Pluck a smile here and there
And make your life a little perky.

As exhilarating as it may sound
Be warned before you want to restart
Are you ready to relive
all the hurt and pain of the past

A walk in my mind is not so easy as it seems
It allures you to enter without the feeling of being seen.

Poetry by Megha




On the way
I found myself
I had lost myself
On the way
Yet when I found
Myselfe again
I was renewed
Better than before
Because sometimes
When we lose oursleves
We learn our way
As we are on the way
When we find ourslevs
We are better
Because we gained
Wisdom and understanding
On the way

Poetry by Pete Gardner




Somewhere on the way
between heaven and earth
where life forces are shaped
and destinies intertwined,
two souls prepared for a mix
of earth, wind and fire,
bursting into a crimson helix
that would become a love
pure and untainted,
Carefully stored away, it waited
ready to be activated when eyes met
and an unspoken unbreakable bond
began to suddenly take shape.

Poetry by



On the way to my centre,

I skimmed the journey, retrospectively,

Witnessed all too late,

The many dimensions I had yet to see

Leaked my identity 

Through black on white,

The only language I speak.

Semantics, connotations of my poetry

Underscores and solidi, mark how I,

Identify, mark, group and divide

The makings of my golden mind

There’s the world, how I understand it

Then everything else, in no particular order

On the way, to unravelling me

Their misstep was assuming what they see

Comes from what I write, these are words

That bear shape in thought form, 

Incising and making themselves known

Naturally, through this platform, put simply

What you read is a memory

Stirred in a dish as I wish,

I’ve written, been writing, will write

Tremor-inducing pieces

On the way to making infinity


– Original-Dante ©2017



On the road
The dotted white line
Stretches ahead forever

Poetry by Ana Daksina




Sun knows who deserve to have the shadow and who don’t…

Poetry by:



The words free fall into the abysses of time
Each a mark of love, life, passion strife.
Yours and mine.

Poetry by: Komal Gupta@tejaswiniaura




On the way
To another day
Distracted by
Words at play
I wonder why
On the way
A new sunrises
The wise advises
Nothing new
But still so true
On the way
We make friends
It depends
On definition
Gained by repetition
On the way

Michael Romani on behalf of




On the way
From here to there
I went astray
Where the path
Following a thought
That led to a question
That invited exploration
That took me down paths
That carried me further
And further away
From where I meant
To be.
I got lost
On the way there
And found
Myself in
Another here.

copyright Margaret Mair, December 2017



You will always have me

For those moments…

when your heart feels heavy,

and your mind forgets  be ‘alright’,

when your eyes cannot tell,

between the day and the night…

hold my hand.


For those moments…

when you feel there is nothing left to say,

when even in silence you cannot lay,

in peace…

hold my hand.


Hold my hand,

and lean your restless heart on mine,

and though it may not happen this instant,

everything will be just fine,

and whatever else happens between now and then,

you will always have me.

copyright poem and image neha 2015

copyright poem and image neha 2015



First Guest Post By Johnny Ojanpera

My good friend Johnny from Johnny Ojanpera  had recently invited me to do a guest post for him on his blog…Being a newbie to guest posts I had to get his advise on how it works 🙂 …I agreed to do one for him;however, being a big fan of his works myself I asked him if he was willing to do a post for my blog…and I am very happy to say that he was! If you haven’t checked out his blog already I advise you to do so now…he is an amazing writer with a true gift for words… He is also an amazing artist and the picture below is his creation on oil canvas! It was an honour and pleasure to know more about him…so without further adieu here is Johnny’s guest post! 

image copyright 2015 Johnny Ojanpera

image copyright 2015 Johnny Ojanpera






















I was invited by Neha to say a few things about myself in the form of a guest post/interview. I could never pass up an invitation like this, so here it is…



  1. How do you define yourself?

I define myself most by my accomplishments. I am an artist, so the things I create, whether in word, paint or song, define me better than anything else. These things are reflections of who I am, more so than by the way I dress or the music I listen to. I think that art is a great way to explore and define my identity.


  1. What makes you happy?


First, I have an amazing wife and four daughters. They are the roots of my happiness that radiate out into nearly everything I do. Next to my girls, my passion is writing. It’s hard to tell sometimes if it is an addiction, or a personality trait, but either way, it keeps me healthy. I try to keep the term ‘happy’ in the right context. It is an emotion, it can be fleeting and when I feel it, I like to hope that I won’t take it for granted. Life is full of many emotions.



  1. What inspires you?


I am most inspired by people and nature. The dynamics of relationships also inspire me. I am observant by nature, so I feel like I am always looking at things in a way that says, “What is special about that?” or “Why did that person react that way?” There are also quite a few writers I follow that I can’t help but be inspired by. The amount of talent in this ‘room’ astounds me, it keeps me going.



Thank you, Neha for sharing your readers with me.





Never Look Back


Her tears are finally drying

Leaving statues of salt behind

Monuments of her memories

Wishes the past to be blind

Hopes for rain to melt the pain

For the tears to reach the sea

The salt crumble to the earth

So her future can live free







Question to my fellow bloggers and friends: What is/was your favourite junk food?

So today is National Junk Food Day! How do I know this…TWITTER of course!  😀  Even though most of us try to stay healthy and not have junk food… we do indulge from time to time… For me it is Kernel’s Popcorn ( I love sweet thai chilli and jalapeño jack flavour) How about you? What is or was your favourite junk food? Would love to read your responses in the comment section!

image obtained from google image search

image obtained from google image search


Kind Deeds that touched your heart

So it’s almost half way through the year (time really flies!) and I thought it was a good time to take a step back and reflect on all the blessings I have encountered so far…There were many deeds of kindness that touched my heart from people opening doors, giving us their unused parking time, to the love and care I have received from my family and the encouragement from all of you that I get on each post.

I would particularly like to thank you all for supporting me this year when I was feeling down  …it meant a lot to me. It lifted my spirits and filled my heart with hope. I want to ask you all to share the kind deeds that touched your heart! Please share in the comments section 🙂

poem and image copyright neha 2015

poem and image copyright neha 2015


Pet Peeves- What are yours?

This morning I was really peeved to see someone’s name spelled the wrong way… especially because this person who this wish was for had just passed away and it was a condolence message for the family. I realize, it happens but the error was quite big and it bothered me for a little while until I let it go. Anyway I thought I would share and ask you all about your pet peeves…Hoping to read some interesting comments! 🙂

oreo copyright neha 2015

oreo copyright neha 2015


Forgotten Maybes – What are yours?




we will remember…

our forgotten maybes.

Question to fellow bloggers/readers/friends- What are some of the “maybes” that you would like to do? Travel to a new place? Read that book you always wanted? Find yourself? Would love to know.


poem copyright neha 2015  free google image

poem copyright neha 2015 free google image