thoughts from my mind to yours



Creeping around the edge
of your logical thoughts
lurked your intuition
that did not bother with rules.

poetry copyright neha 2021/ free image from pexels credit goes to original artist


This notion of missing you

This notion of missing you

uncontrolled unplanned unexpected

a gaping hole in the heart

that gets flooded in invisible  tears

as your thoughts float in the mind


This notion of missing you

Where words fall short

to describe the million emotions

that float with the million memories


This notion of missing you

all of you

invisible strings pulling on my heart

making me misty eyed in the middle of the day

and I have nothing left to say

but hear old tunes of old times

This notion of missing you

poem and image copyright 2015

poem and image copyright 2015


Perhaps – Non-Love in More than ten lines

Perhaps, the leaves were meant to fall…

Perhaps, we both didn’t give our all…

Perhaps, it was that broken dream…

And perhaps it was me, who couldn’t lean,

on you.

Perhaps, it was the wounded heart…

Perhaps, our roads had to part…

Alas, perhaps is all that will ever be

Always present in thoughts,

of you and me.

poem and image copyright neha 2015

poem and image copyright neha 2015




















The “non love challenge” was presented to me by my good friend Aquileana. Check it out here: . If you haven’t been to her blog already I suggest you do so now …She is a great versatile blogger with many interests.

Coming back to the challenge, being a firm believer in love, it was a little difficult for me to write this so I had to really get my writer side out to imagine a “non love” verse. As you can tell I have not followed all the rules and I do not have the word “love” in my piece, and I have 10 lines and not sentences, also I do not think I have an adverb :D. I figured that as it was a creative piece I would just let my thoughts flow. I am not nominating anyone in particular as I just did the “love in ten sentences challenge“; however, I challenge anyone who is up for it and is willing to give “Non-Love in more than ten sentences” a try. Thanks again to my friend Aquileana for coming up with this challenge and I hope my attempt was alright. 🙂

Here is my quote:’Even After All this timeThe Sun never says to the Earth,You owe me.LookWhat happensWith a love like that,It lights the whole sky.” – Hafiz

Good luck Everyone! Do let me know if you choose to participate would love to read it!


Collaboration Reminder for anyone who missed it

As the weekend approaches I wanted to post the link of the new collaboration I posted this week for anyone who missed it.


Hope to see you all join in!

image copyright neha 2015