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Morning Dream

You slip away

like a morning dream,

fading, in the bliss of sunshine,

in the forgotten meadows of fall.

poetry and image copyright neha 2020

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Don’t give up on you…

Don’t give up…

on that dream,

sought by your tired eyes,

for even this long lonely night,

will be followed by the light

of day…

the tides rising in your heart will calm,

Keep walking on your way…

Don’t give up,

on you.

poetry and image copyright neha 2015

poetry and image copyright neha 2015


Question to Bloggers/Readers: What is one thing about blogging that keeps you coming back to it or that you find rewarding?

Hi Everyone,

I was reflecting on blogging the other day… and for me the one thing that keeps me coming back to blogging will definitely be the community. There is so much support ! I love finding people who actually care and eventually become your friends and in some ways your blogging family. 🙂

I wanted to ask my fellow bloggers… is one thing about blogging that keeps you coming back? (Doesn’t have to be just one haha) as I have many more reasons too! Do Share!

copyright neha 2015

copyright neha 2015