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Poetry copyright Neha 2020



First Impression

You often paid more attention
to the spaces present between the words…
the silence held in the eyes,
the quiet involuntary nod,
not the carefully crafted words,
that came out from the crisply dressed being,
trying to make their first impression.


poetry and image copyright neha 2018


In response to Daily Post  Prompt: Present





I am very pleased and humbled to say that I am accepting the Crème de la Crème award presented to me by the wonderful Ihsan. Thank you so much Ihsan your kind words and the nomination. If you have not already checked out Ihsan’s work please do so now as you are definitely missing out!

I know I have been very slow in responding to the awards I have been nominated for so far but I could not help but get this out faster than usual, due to the uniqueness of this award that was created by the lovely Morgan. Morgan is an amazing poetess, and again someone who I highly encourage my readers to check out. 🙂

“Simple and to the point, this Honour is awarded to ONE person. No more long lists, no more hours and hours for one post. Received by One, Given to One for being the Crème de la Crème, the Cream of the Crop, the Pick of the Litter, the Best of the Best.”  —given that fact I could not hold on to this special award and not pass it on!

Rules of the award:

• Select your Honoree and notify them. You Must Pay the Honor forward, (rather than just giving it back to the person who gave it to you.)

• Showcase their blog in the Best manner you choose.

• Include the Banner/Badge in your Post.

• Share your post with the world.

• Never forget to Thank the Person who Honored You.


So after much contemplation (and there was a lot of it, believe me… with the sheer talent I am surrounded by as you can tell from my weekly blog recs) I have decided to nominate a dear friend, I find to be kindred spirit who has inspired me from our first interaction on wordpress, through her writing and her lovely personality…and she is none other than  (drum roll) …Line! Please visit her blog now at for some amazing pieces of writing that will inspire your soul and make your heart smile 🙂




Love Always,






Happy Mother’s Day!

Since my first wobbly steps,

you were there to catch my fall,

Holding me every time,

Till the day I learnt to stand tall,

on my own two feet.


Even now, on my dark days,

when I tend to stumble my way,

you are there with open arms,

for  my heart to lay,

on yours.


There have been days,

where I have seen the sky as red,

and you have seen it as blue,

but never has it changed the love,

between me and you.


So though I know,

I don’t often show,

in too many words…

I thank you,

for being the best mother there is,

in this whole wide world…

I love you.


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