thoughts from my mind to yours


Your Heart…

Your heart…

a careless casualty,

of exploding emotions.


poetry and image copyirght neha 2018



This notion of missing you

This notion of missing you

uncontrolled unplanned unexpected

a gaping hole in the heart

that gets flooded in invisible  tears

as your thoughts float in the mind


This notion of missing you

Where words fall short

to describe the million emotions

that float with the million memories


This notion of missing you

all of you

invisible strings pulling on my heart

making me misty eyed in the middle of the day

and I have nothing left to say

but hear old tunes of old times

This notion of missing you

poem and image copyright 2015

poem and image copyright 2015


That one thing…

And it always came down to that one thing…

That thing you could never quite put in words

but it lingered in your heart and caressed your mind

like a beautiful song

that soothed your soul

affirming your being

affirming that everything would be alright

that the long winter would pass

and sunshine would light your path

and fill you with warmth

and that one thing…



copyright neha 2014

copyright neha 2014