thoughts from my mind to yours



I like to linger in the quiet silence,

of un-rushed conversations,

watching night fall,

as the sun sets,

basking in the smiles of love,

with you.



Daily Prompt


Daily Prompt: I Believe

What I believe to be true:

I believe that dreams are a necessary part of life.

I believe smiling from the heart makes any day better.

I believe showing love and kindness towards our fellow beings, cleans our soul.


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What I believe to be false:

I do not believe in losing hope, ever.

I do not believe that people cannot change. They may not change completely and their core may be the same, but circumstances change and so do people.

I do not believe that there is, or ever will be, a limit to imagination.

Daily Prompt



Empty Handed : Weekly Writing Challenge: Feb 3. 2014


Empty handed, I return time and again to these old walls…

my keeper of secrets, my best hiding spot, my echo of youth

To fill my heart with nostalgia and my mind with memories…

Empty handed I return, one more time,

to my lost treasures.


Image taken from weekly challenge, credit to Cheri Lucas Rowlands



A Moment In the Mind of a cynical photographer

She watches you as your eyes stop smiling. She watches as the slightest crease in your brow comes and goes away, as though it was never there. She watches your hands stiffen as they hold hers’. She watches as you both fidget with the clothing that you are wearing. She does this everyday, this waiting, while her clients prepare themselves for their best shot. She takes power in this watching. Framing your life with her lens.


She watches this while you smile for her camera, waiting for her to snap the emotion you never felt, in pictures, to immortalize it, so you can instagram it as they call it these days and show it to the world. She watches your ‘broken images’ editing them to perfection, till she ‘makes’ you ‘happy’. And you let her…

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